AVOW: At the Forefront of Mobile Innovation


AVOW is not just another player in the mobile advertising arena; it’s a trailblazer, an award-winning global app growth company dedicated to revolutionizing mobile OEM advertising. With a robust roster of over 100 advertisers, AVOW leverages its proprietary technology AVOW Intelligence to offer unprecedented access to over 1.5 billion daily active users. This capability translates into over 10 million monthly downloads for our clients, marking us as an industry leader poised to push the boundaries of mobile advertising. Needless to say that we have key partnerships with all premium mobile OEMs globally.


Why AVOW Stands Apart

AVOW’s uniqueness lies in its pioneering role in Mobile OEM on-device advertising, offering access to user audiences beyond the reach of traditional networks. Our focus extends beyond the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, venturing into alternative app stores and platforms. This strategy not only differentiates us but also positions our clients to capture a significant share of the global mobile market, which is increasingly dominated by mobile OEMs and alternative app stores.


Our Journey: From Concept to Global Leader

Established in March 2018, AVOW was born out of a shared vision by a founding team with a rich history of collaboration. Recognizing the mobile industry’s dynamic nature, we sought to introduce a disruptive solution that would redefine the ecosystem. Easy to say but hard to find – During that period, Google had clashed with Huawei, while Fortnight had clashed with Google and Apple. Suddenly, the direction we needed to take was clear: alternative app stores and mobile OEMs


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AVOW’s Awards and Recognitions from Mobile OEM Partners

Discover the latest accolades and partnerships that underscore AVOW’s leadership and commitment to excellence within the mobile OEM advertising:

  • 2024 Global Core Agency by Xiaomi MiAds: AVOW has been honored with the title of the Global Core Agency by Xiaomi MiAds, solidifying our standing as a premier partner in the industry. Read More
  • Strategic Partnership with Huawei: AVOW’s strategic collaboration with Huawei signifies our dedication to innovation and expansive reach within the mobile advertising landscape. Read More
  • Global Core Partner Role with Vivo: AVOW’s pivotal role as a global core partner with Vivo in Southeast Asia showcases our deepening connections and influence in vital markets. Read More
  • Global Top 3 in AppsFlyer Performance Index Finance Category: AVOW’s outstanding performance in the AppsFlyer Performance Index Finance Category places us among the global elite, reaffirming our commitment to excellence. Read More
  • Strategic Core Partner with OPPO: AVOW’s strategic alignment with OPPO as a core partner in the Philippines and Vietnam elevates our presence and impact in mobile advertising. Read More
  • Gold Agency Distinction With Transsion In Indonesia: AVOW’s attainment of Gold Agency Distinction with Transsion in Indonesia underscores our commitment to excellence and our growing influence in the region. Read More
  • AppsFlyer Premier Solutions Partner for 2023: AVOW’s recognition as an AppsFlyer Premier Solutions Partner for 2023 highlights our dedication to innovation and performance excellence. Read More


Global Reach, Local Expertise

AVOW’s global operations span across continents, with a dedicated team that brings local expertise to every market. From Europe,  SEA to the US, our local mobile experts understand the nuances and opportunities unique to their regions, ensuring tailored and effective strategies. 


The Essence of AVOW: Commitment and Transparency

The name AVOW reflects the essence of our mission: to affirm or commit to our clients and services with openness and integrity. This principle is the foundation of our company philosophy, ensuring a fully transparent and dedicated approach in all our operations. It’s a commitment that not only defines us but also sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Beyond the tech and tools, our company is powered by PEOPLE. We are a community of veteran digital marketers and techies committed to enhancing your value to the app economy. AVOW´s philosophy lies in people-powered technology: our team questions, invests, and aims for growth facilitated by our in-house tools. Our team of experts, of over 31 nationalities, manages a range of over 100 brands, simultaneously promoting their apps across 10 major OEMs from 12 cities globally. 

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Diversity: More Than Just a Buzzword at AVOW

At AVOW, diversity is embedded in our DNA, not merely as a concept but as a living, breathing aspect of our daily operations. Our management team, boasting varied origins from India to Brazil, Bolivia to Russia, France, and Germany, epitomizes our commitment to a multicultural, inclusive workplace.This rich tapestry of backgrounds fosters an innovative and open-minded workplace where everyone is encouraged to bring their authentic selves.


The AVOW Highlight in 2023

In the summer of 2023, AVOW celebrated a milestone that encapsulated the essence of our vibrant and innovative culture: our first global retreat in Berlin. This event brought together the A-team, our dedicated members from around the world, for an unforgettable week of collaboration, learning, and exploration. The retreat was a perfect blend of work and play, offering ample opportunities for networking, skill enhancement, and team building. Participants dove deep into the heart of Berlin, experiencing the city’s renowned nightlife and the unique vibe that makes it so special. This gathering was more than just a team-building exercise; it was a testament to AVOW’s commitment to fostering a close-knit community that thrives on creativity, diversity, and mutual respect, truly showcasing the spirit and unity of the A-team.



More pictures from our AVOW Retreat


Get to Know Us


Becoming a part of our team will be through a swift and impactful recruitment process because we respect your time and energy! There’ll be 4 key steps – ensuring clarity and efficiency at each of these.

👋🏼 Initial contact – Our process begins with a casual yet informative screening call with our TA team. This initial touchpoint allows us to learn more about you and provides you with a glimpse into our team and culture!

🤝🏼Deep dive – In this phase, you’ll have a more in-depth discussion with our hiring manager. It’s an opportunity to explore the role deeper and have a better sense for the expectations.

🧠 Analytical task + presentation – This stage will be all about highlighting your unique strengths and problem-solving skills while allowing you to get more insights into the team and its current challenges.

🔚 Informal chat – An optional round to allow you to meet a potential team member.

And that’s about it! We’re on the lookout for folks who aren’t just fitting but rather adding more to our organizational culture and values.

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Did you know? AVOW HQ is located in the middle of buzzing Kreuzberg – Oranienstr, which was named as one of the coolest streets in the world in 2024 by Time Out Magazine.


Joining the AVOW Team


Whether you’re an advertiser looking to explore untapped markets or a professional eager to contribute to the future of mobile advertising, AVOW offers a landscape of opportunities. Our unique approach, combined with a commitment to innovation and transparency, makes AVOW not just a workplace but a ground for pioneering solutions in mobile advertising. Employee benefits like sport and fitness memberships, transport discounts, language classes, an extra day off for your birthday, and barista-style coffees underscore AVOW’s dedication to the team’s well-being and professional growth.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey, as we continue to redefine the boundaries and possibilities of the mobile ecosystem.

Looking ahead, we envision a future where Mobile OEMs are integral to every marketer’s media plan, establishing AVOW as the definitive partner for all Mobile OEM-related endeavors.

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