Since its launch in 2018, AVOW has always equated its values with those of its people. Beyond our tech and tools, ours is a people-first company. When employees are valued as individuals and offered opportunities for well-being, we believe that companies become more innovative and resilient.

As leaders in the mobile OEM marketing industry, we cherish all the people who’ve been a part of our journey and their contribution to making us who we are today. Our greatest strength lies in our people who are responsible for AVOW’s achievements.

These past years have taught us a lot – from taking the first steps of gathering a dream squad and building it into the “A-Team” to bridging the smallest of gaps towards achieving our strategy and operational goals. We’ve learned, unlearned, and stood with each other at all times. Every AVOWer has taught us something unique along the journey, and we translated those learnings into AVOW’s Values.

The values of AVOW; our foundation for the thriving work culture we celebrate every day. 

Be humble always

We believe the first step to being humble is acknowledging that you can’t know everything. Especially for those who strive for knowledge and self-improvement, there will always be something else to learn and someone to learn it from. Therefore, it is essential to give yourself time and scope for improvement and value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone. 

To be humble, we encourage you to:

  • Accept that you cannot be the best at everything (and that it is okay!)
  • Seek and provide honest feedback
  • Be open to personal change and continuous improvement.
  • Be appreciative of all things you have in life.

Foster a positive team spirit

Ours is a pack we like to call “the A-Team” We take pride in our diversity, value each other’s differences, and appreciate our similarities. With an international team spread across the globe, we go above and beyond towards creating a shared purpose and enabling people’s development & well-being.

We believe the key to encouraging positive team culture is to: 

  • Be actively inclusive
  • Empower the teams to learn new skills 
  • Encourage open communication 
  • Appreciate efforts, share praise, and exchange constructive feedback. 

Reframe your mistakes into learnings 

Mistakes happen. If approached correctly, what we learn from them can translate into a meaningful experience for professional growth. Not every client will be happy with what you put together, and not every task you do will always be flawless, but we can pivot off those failures and strategize for the next opportunity that comes our way. Instead of pushing those mistakes to the back burner of your brain, try instead to keep it at the front, looking at the different sides to ensure that you understand what went wrong, where you went right, and what you could do differently going forward.

Here’s how it is achieved:

  • Approach these learnings as a process for your growth 
  • Pull yourself out of the mistake by addressing it, not running away
  • Practice self-compassion by believing in your learnings 
  • Personalize learnings based on relevant skills 

Build trust through transparency

Transparency breeds transparency, and this is the most essential component of our organizational culture to build trust. We encourage each of our team members to express their honest opinions and to be open to others within their teams to do the same. By doing so, we unleash one of the most powerful tools to ignite and steer ideas, projects, and relationships in the right direction.  

Practice transparency by keeping these things in mind:

  • Share insightful information with everyone 
  • Communicate openly
  • Be constructive and solution-oriented
  • Ask for help when you need it, and offer it when you can 

Embrace a proactive mindset 

Taking action to find a solution is always better than just reacting for one. We choose to be creative when facing challenges by building problem-solving processes that anyone who needs them can adopt. A great way to start fostering a proactive mindset at work is to be aware. This will allow you to make better use of your time at work and enable you to stand out from the crowd. 

Here’s how to allow yourself to foster a proactive mindset: 

  • Act for a change, don’t just react
  • Seek feedback actively
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Prioritize things that need your immediate attention

Stay curious

We all want our lives at work to be enjoyable and engaging, and add up to something that feels worthwhile. That comes from having interest and variety; from feeling a part of something bigger and knowing how we can contribute. Every day brings the opportunity to try something new, or do something familiar in a different way. When our curiosity is stirred, we think more deeply, more creatively and more rationally. We can discover how we can improve, what we can create, where we can grow. Small shifts can have a big impact. And we can all make them.

Here’s our approach to using the unique powerful tool of questioning:

  • Stay curious with a growth mindset and leverage an abundance mindset
  • Challenge assumptions and check your biases
  • Create a psychologically safe environment
  • Promote a speak-up and questioning culture

At AVOW, we harbor unity and team spirit by practicing these values every day.