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In an era where the mobile landscape is rapidly evolving, global app growth specialist AVOW has cemented its position as an industry leader. Celebrating its latest achievement, AVOW has announced its partnership with Transsion Mobile Internet, securing the distinguished title of ‘Gold Partner’. With this collaboration, AVOW is set to pilot media sales for Transsion’s unique advertising platform, Eagllwin, across various markets. What’s more intriguing? AVOW will be the sole agency partner managing these operations in Indonesia.


A Bright Future Ahead

This union is not just any partnership; it is a harmonious blend of two mobile experts aiming to revolutionize the world of mobile advertising. Through this alliance, app developers and brands can seamlessly navigate Transsion Mobile Internet’s vast global ecosystem and its groundbreaking advertising inventory, ultimately reaching broader audiences.

Robert Wildner, AVOW’s dynamic CEO and cofounder, shares his enthusiasm for this new chapter. “Our partnership with Transsion Mobile Internet is a testament to AVOW’s commitment to innovation and growth in the mobile advertising realm,” he enthuses. “The trust and mutual vision shared between Transsion Mobile Internet and AVOW will undoubtedly present mobile marketers with unparalleled opportunities in SEA and beyond.”


Adding Another Feather to the Cap

Notably, this partnership announcement closely follows the recent launch of AVOW Intelligence. This innovative tool for mobile OEM advertising provides a comprehensive view of media inventory from top-tier mobile OEMs into a single platform. It’s the ace in the deck for clients aiming to boost user acquisition campaigns across mobile OEM-centric app stores and native app inventories.

Transsion Mobile Internet has been all praises about this collaboration. “Collaborating with AVOW has been transformative for us, AVOW’s innovative tactics, standout client portfolio, and extensive global reach—especially via local experts in our pivotal markets—set them apart. Their flawless communication has streamlined our partnership, and their prowess made naming AVOW our Gold Partner a clear choice. It’s rewarding to work with such a globally proficient team.”

A beacon in mobile OEM advertising, AVOW is a globally acclaimed app growth company with a vision to redefine mobile OEM advertising. Their partnerships with elite mobile OEMs, bolstered by their groundbreaking tech, AVOW Intelligence, provide clients unparalleled access to over 1.5 billion daily active users, ensuring over 10-million monthly downloads.

In our journey, AVOW has had the privilege to collaborate with illustrious brands such as AmazonPrime Video, AirAsia, and BYJUS, kumu among others, aiding marketers in accessing and purchasing advertising inventory across multiple mobile OEM domains, amplifying their reach, and maximizing returns.

The world of mobile advertising is on the brink of transformation, and with AVOW at the helm, the future looks bright. Contact us to learn more, or download our guide on all things mobile OEMs and alternative app stores to get your app started down the path of immense growth.


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