OctaFX’s Success with OEM

OctaFX offers a state-of-the-art trading experience to over 7 million trading accounts worldwide. The company is well known for its social and charitable activities, such as supporting infrastructure and humanitarian projects in many joint ventures.

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The Objective

With a higher demand of users trading globally, OctaFX planned to expand its services and acquire users overseas. The strategy was to tackle both high pace markets for trading (such as India, Indonesia and MY) and develop entry regions like Nigeria and South Africa. This required OctaFX to target active users that were willing to trade.

The Challenge

Finding incrementality within OctaFX’s existing marketing mix was the primary goal. AVOW enabled OctaFX to acquire new users via ads running on the most used device manufactures in APAC. That translates into bringing new and targeted users on a performance basis – entirely free of ad fraud.

The Strategy

AVOW leveraged its partnership with Xiaomi and Vivo global to acquire untapped audience for OctaFX. Acting as a one-stop solution for the client, AVOW was able to run offers on different OEMs while avoiding overlap and price competition within the client´s existing UA operations.

Our reach enables us to access over 70% of Android devices in SEA and 90% in India. There are also unique targeting possibilities such as Appographic, which allowed AVOW to run ads on devices that were already using multiple trading apps. OctaFX could then thrive in a competitive market with its exclusive product offering.

The Result

Working together, OctaFX and AVOW were able to reach untapped ad placements in countries such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria and South Africa.


OEMs managed by AVOW




Rejection Rate (installs)


Highest ROAS

Clients quote

“AVOW was our chosen partner to run all media buying Ads on OEM Devices in APAC and Africa. They are our extended team of mobile User Acquisition and we couldn’t be more satisfied!”

Ruslan Dzhusupov CPA Manager, OctaFX

BYJU's Success Story via OEM inventory

BYJU’S – The Learning App, is India’s largest online learning program! A perfect blend of engaging video lessons and personalized learning. It has amassed over 80 million users, 5.5 million of whom are paying subscribers. BYJU’s is currently the second most valuable startup in India.

The Objective

As the pandemic accelerated the adoption of online learning services in India, BYJU’s emerged as the main education platform in the country and created a program that brought students on a personalized learning journey. The goal of BYJU’s was to expand its services to the highest amount of users and engage those with online courses sign ups.

The Challenge

“It took a pandemic for most stakeholders to try out digital learning. Parents are now accepting the online segment more than before.” said Raveendran to Techcrunch, CEO of BYJU’s.

Education apps have emerged as a new category recently due to the pandemic, meaning that a challenging scenario has been created for marketeers where, finding the right tune between performance campaigns, pricing and measuring ROI effectively is key.

Also, making sure that you are impacting the highest number and the right users in the country, allows sustainable growth where engagement is mandatory. When a market such as India adapts to a new service, potential online students can be found in any device.

The Strategy

AVOW played a key role when consulting BYJU’s on its media plan to acquire the highest number of new users in India, while keeping healthy engagement rates and ROI.

For that we leveraged, as one stop solution, opportunities of running Ads in various OEMs at once. Students were impacted directly when holding mobile phones from Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo and Oppo brands, while their best AdFormats were optimized daily, with focus on ROI.

On top of this, BYJU’s counted with tailored targeting strategy by AVOW, which used deterministic data capabilities based on demographics, gender, appographic/ app category and high-end device models.

The Result

BYJU’s and AVOW partnered as one of top 3 larger operations to finding potential students for BYJU’s online courses. The majority of students signed up for their top courses, surpassing clients expectations on app engagement and Return over Investment – A truly successful campaign!


App installs in India


App engagement (registrations)


Reach of Android devices in India

Clients quote

“AVOW is a very relevant partner for BYJU’s where we outsource a large portion of our User Acquisition activity. Working with AVOW allows us to reach several OEMs at once, saving time and resources, compared to buying from multiple channels. AVOW is very experienced in anything related to performance marketing and is always there to help us scale our campaigns. “

Amit Raman – Digital Marketing Lead BYJU’s

ASTRAPAY'S success with OEM inventory in SEA

AstraPay is one of SEA’s leading digital wallet apps, providing a range of services to simplify its users’ digital transactions and daily financial needs. From the AstraPay app, users can carry out everything from their electicity bill to health insurance payments. .

The Objective

AVOW leveraged its exclusive partnerships and ad formats with key OEMs throughout SEA to boost AstraPay’s user acquisition efforts. AVOW ensured engagement KPIs were consistently met through a combination of untapped inventory, exclusive ad formats and performance buying models – all while preventing fraudulent traffic.

The Challenge

As the fintech space grows and becomes increasingly competitive, staying ahead and finding new users can be a daunting task. AstraPay turned to AVOW to help them scale in new, alternative channels. AVOW focused on targeting new users through its partnerships with Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo, adding incremental user acquisition to AstraPay’s existing marketing mix.

The Strategy

AVOW introduced new inventory to AstraPay’s user acquisition mix by leveraging unique ad formats and inventory acquired through its OEM partnerships with Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi. Advertisers in the fintech space have largely overlooked these device manufactures, although they represent over 66% market share in Southeast Asia – offering a huge pool of untapped users. AVOW became AstraPay’s one-stop-shop solution for OEM inventory, allowing pure performance bids on CPI, consistently hitting engagement goals for user registration and registering zero instances of ad fraud.

The Result

AstraPay and AVOW reached new audiences via on-device OEMs, including Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo. AVOW also ensured AstraPay achieved incremental user acquisition gains with high engagement rates specifically in Indonesia – one of the most competitive markets in SEA.


impressions across new channels & ad formats


App engagement (registrations)


Instances of fraud

Clients quote

AVOW became a strategic partner for AstraPay within weeks. By assessing untapped OEM channels and ad formats, they were able to drive incremental user acquisition on top of our existing marketing mix. Best of all, AVOW helped us achieve very healthy KPIs on engagement, with zero instances of ad fraud – a rarity in the region nowadays!

Amar Ibrahim, VP of Marketing

Joom's Success with OEM Inventory

The European pioneer in social e-commerce. Joom is a global marketplace selling products from Europe and Asia directly to buyers in more than 150 countries. It specializes in quality goods at low prices. They aim to simplify the shopping experience by offering a range of exclusive deals to their clients from home decor to accessories and even special gifts.

The Objective

As a popular e-commerce app, Joom has massive activity on both paid and non-paid media/advertising. While looking for incremental activity at scale, Joom´s  market efforts are highly driven by performance, meaning that every single ad spend must revert into engagement and purchases within the app.

The Challenge

Acquire users from OEM untapped inventory, meaning incremental user acquisition efforts, aside from the traditional mix of channels promoting Joom App, or any overlap within Joom UA strategy and partners. Optimize UA activities while developing together a full-strategy around new KPI’s, and understanding new/exclusive business model to operate.

The Strategy

AVOW leveraged its partnership with Xiaomi, which presented 70%+ market growth last year in Europe, to increase Joom’s penetration across the continent. This resulted in new banner ads inventory in specific EU and CIS markets which Joom wanted to penetrate. AVOW improved user engagement and performance by selecting the right target groups for media buying, surpassing the clients KPI goals by using real-time optimization through AVOW performance optimizer (APO).

The Result

Working together, Joom and AVOW were able to reach untapped ad placements in many countries including Russia, Spain Germany and France.


Monthly Installs




Activated Geos


Rejection Rate



Clients quote

AVOW was able to acquire users for Joom on a high scale, consistently surpassing our KPIs on engagement and compliance via OEM Inventory.

Mikhail Biteryakov, Business Analyst

Olymp Trade untaps global incremental UA

OlympTrade is an international-level broker. With more than 30000 traders from over 50 countries, making over 5 million trades daily. Trades are traditional currency pairs, cryptocurrency, stocks, indices and commodities – all in one App, available for both Android and iOS devices.

The Objective

As one of the most used trading apps in the market and with a reputation for being one of the best, Olymp Trade needed to diversify their user aquistion (UA) strategy to attract new users. Olymptrade partnered with AVOW to find alternative channels to add to its UA mix, all on performance basis, with full control around buying Ad Formats, compliance and with an increased ROAS.

The Challenge

Fintech applications are experiencing a boom of engagement this year and, while customers are more likely to trade via mobile, brands advertise through various media channels in order to find higher market penetration globally. High competition for Fintech users in each market required full understanding of inventory opportunities and tailored business models, ensuring scale at sustainable ROAS for Olymp Trade.

The Strategy

AVOW added new inventory to Olymp Trade´s UA mix by leveraging unique ad formats and inventory acquired through its OEM partnerships. OEMs such as Xiaomi presented the highest market penetration in emerging regions such as CIS, India, SEA and LATAM this year, representing the trendiest opportunity to be explored, while assuring scale and transparency. Moreover, AVOW’s unique APO system allowed real time optimization of the inventory across all channels, ensuring Olymp Trade’s desired ROAS is met.

The Result

Working together, Olymp Trade and AVOW reached incremental user acquisition via an untapped on-device OEM audience, in over 20 Countries, while maintaining the lowest level of ad fraud the client has experienced.


Monthly Installs




Geos Opened


Rejection Rate


App Engagement

Clients quote

AVOW became one of our key partners for user acquisition globally, providing full transparency and high level of registrations and deposits for Olymp Trade. Together, we managed to increase our levels of user acquisition via a tailored business model based on app engagement.
Viktor Zimarev, Head of Performance Acquisition

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