There’s a profound simplicity to the most transformative innovations. In essence, what they all seem to achieve is an understanding of the core challenges facing them, while also eliminating excess and designing solutions that make the complex seem elementary.  Even in the realm of mobile OEM advertising—a domain rife with complexity—these principles have always summed up my philosophy.

When we started AVOW, we didn’t just want to find a ‘need’ and fulfil it, but revolutionize the way in which we go about fulfilling it itself. Back then, mobile OEM advertising was in its infancy, and as with anything new and uncharted, there were many growing pains. But through those pains came collaboration, innovation and an appreciation for the needs of mobile marketers everywhere. Today, with our clients receiving over 10-million monthly downloads across 100s of live campaigns, the fruits of our labor are clear for all to see. But how did we get here? And more importantly, how will we develop and progress even further?


The Challenge of Mobile OEM Advertising: Navigating the Labyrinth


Since first arriving on the market in the 2000s, smartphones are now nestled in approximately 6.8 billion pockets around the world. This popularity has subsequently transformed them into potent marketing tools too, with apps and brands seeking to utilize mobile OEM advertising to connect with their audiences. Yet, this comes with its challenges, the most notable being media buying.

To the uninitiated, media buying is the art of acquiring ad space on mobile OEM devices, apps, or in-app platforms. It’s a delicate process, requiring precision, agility, and foresight. Get it right, and you have targeted reach, cost-effectiveness, and brand visibility, with the ability for real-time performance monitoring. However, the sheer volume of data can drown even the most experienced media buyers. And  amid this noise, there’s a need for a guiding light—AVOW Intelligence.


A Vision Realized: Introducing AVOW Intelligence

AVOW Intelligence isn’t just another tool. It’s a revolution—a one of a kind—conceived from the intersection of cutting-edge technology and a profound understanding of our clients’ needs. Unsurprisingly, crafting this technological marvel didn’t happen overnight. Getting it right took time, patience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

As a result of this diligence, the tool now offers unprecedented real-time insights from a myriad of mobile OEMs and mobile measurement partners (MMPs). It’s as if we’ve built a bridge connecting our media buyers to the right data, enabling swift, informed decisions. Perhaps the best way to conceive of AVOW Intelligence is as an orchestra conductor, bringing various instruments (data sources) together to create a harmonious symphony. As a result, there’s no more guesswork—and no more data silos either. Instead the tool provides  clarity and actionable insights, enabling our customers to lead successful marketing campaigns..

During its beta phase, our global clientele, including Amazon Prime Video, AirAsia, Kumu, Shopee, Kredivo, Didi, JOOM, LOTTO24, and Zephyr Mobile, among others, witnessed unprecedented results, a testament to AVOW Intelligence’s power and potential. In tandem with our talented team, this beta phase demonstrated our tool’s versatility. Regardless of vertical or industry, our people-powered tech allows us to optimize for the right OEM or advertising mix. And for prospective and current clients alike, it’s a beacon promising unparalleled efficiencies and insights.

Moreover, none of this would have been possible without the meticulous support and collaboration of our esteemed partners such as Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo. With each passing day, we’ve engaged closely with them, drawing insights, refining strategies, and ensuring AVOW Intelligence mirrors the evolving landscape of mobile OEM advertising. Their invaluable input is consequently woven into the fabric of our tool. This symbiotic relationship has accelerated our successes as well as fortified our standing as a long-lasting, trusted partner with these OEM giants, resulting in key partnerships in many key markets. These partnerships have also extended to MMPs, with AVOW becoming an AppsFlyer Premier Solutions partner in 2023.


Refining the Art of Media Buying

Media buying isn’t a buffet where one size fits all. Each platform, each ad placement, each mobile OEM, has nuances. By combining our team’s expertise with AVOW Intelligence, we’ve developed an intimate understanding of the business’s ins and outs. What’s more, this partnership of man and machine allows us to comprehend the strengths and subtleties of each mobile OEM platform, optimizing strategies for maximum impact.

I’ve always believed in  humanity and technology working together harmoniously. Here at AVOW, it’s our people, empowered by AVOW Intelligence, that make the magic happen. They sift the data, drawing invaluable conclusions and knowing precisely where to optimize. Their work reminds me of an anecdote I once heard involving the automobile giant Henry Ford and the German-American mathematician and electrical engineering pioneer Charles Steinmetz. It goes like this: One day, Steinmetz invoiced Ford for $10,000 for placing an ‘X’ with chalk on a generator that wasn’t working, instructing Ford’s engineers to fix the part at the spot he’d marked. Naturally, Ford was stunned by the cost, so asked for an itemized bill. Steinmetz’s response was to-the-point: “Making chalk mark on generator, $1,” he wrote. “Knowing where to make mark, $9,999.”

At AVOW, our colleagues have to work a little harder than Steinmetz, a man whose genius led to the electrical goods we use today, including smartphones. But nonetheless, the story illustrates the simple point that true value lies in  knowing where and how to tweak and optimize. And in a nutshell, that’s what AVOW does. 


AVOW’s Blueprint for Success

While many media buyers are still entangled in the web of cost per install (CPI) models, AVOW has taken a leap ahead. We’re not just looking at the initial interactions but  delving deeper, getting to grips with the complete user journey, and focusing on outcomes that matter in the long run, be they in-app purchases, sign-ups, or any form of meaningful engagement. This strategic shift is what makes AVOW unique in our field.

The relationship we forge with each client begins with meticulous market research, crystal-clear campaign objectives, and selecting ad formats that resonate with their audience. This, coupled with continuous A/B testing, allows us to refine, redefine, and elevate our campaigns, providing our customers with lucrative opportunities they won’t find elsewhere.


We’re the Soul Behind the Symphony

At its core, media-buying is about establishing genuine, impactful connections. And while mobile OEM advertising’s potential can be daunting, it’s the human touch, combined with technology, that creates the magic. By launching AVOW Intelligence, we’re simplifying this intricate process by focusing on what truly matters, thereby ushering in a new era in mobile OEM advertising. Even though AVOW Intelligence serves as our compass, it’s our seasoned team—the maestros behind each campaign—who breathe life into data. Masterfully interpreting every shred of information, they ensure our clients’ stories resonate with their audience, conducting a symphony of data, technology, and human ingenuity. With AVOW at the helm, we make sure that brands are not only discernible in mobile advertising’s cacophony of players—but unforgettable too.

As such, our inimitable combination of cutting-edge software and human insight offers a strategic advantage that is transforming the media-buying landscape. As Leonardo da Vinci once remarked, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” an ethos AVOW today embodies.

The launch of this tool was also covered by Dean Takahashi at Gamesbeat and can be found here