Berlin recently became a hub of inspiration and collaboration for the more than 50 strong members of our team. Hailing from every corner of the world, our close-knit community converged in the heart of Germany for a week-long retreat filled with learning, bonding, and embracing the rich tapestry of the city’s offerings. Here’s a sneak peek into our memorable week.


No trip to Berlin is complete without immersing oneself in its rich history and vibrant culture. Our Berlin tour was a blend of history, art, and of course, food! Strolling past iconic landmarks, we savoured traditional German delicacies and quenched our thirst with the finest beers the city had to offer. The tour was not just a feast for our taste buds but also for our souls as we resonated with Berlin’s indomitable spirit and its tales of resilience.


While technology has made communication between global teams easier than ever, nothing beats the sheer energy and spontaneity of face-to-face interactions. The AVOW retreat gave our team from various continents a chance to meet, mingle, and understand each other beyond the screen. Our days were packed with invigorating workshops, where we dived deep into various aspects of our work, brainstormed new ideas, and polished our skills. The workshops served as a fertile ground for nurturing innovation, understanding the latest industry trends, and fostering team spirit. It was a testament to the fact that learning could be both fun and impactful when done in the right environment. The convergence of diverse cultures, experiences, and perspectives certainly added an extra layer of vibrancy to our retreat.


While the days were committed to honing our professional skills, evenings were reserved for some delightful post-work events. These informal gatherings gave everyone a chance to relax, share personal stories, and form deeper connections. Whether it was a quiet evening sharing some food and drink, or a lively night out in Berlin, every moment was filled with laughter and camaraderie. No retreat is complete without a grand celebration, and at AVOW, we sure know how to party! The summer bash at the end of the week was nothing short of spectacular. With music, delightful cocktails, freshly barbecued food and a contagious spirit of festivity, the summer party became the talk of the town and the highlight of our retreat. And let us not forget all the wonderful costumes and creativity on display for our party game.


The week in Berlin was not just a retreat – it was a testament to the ethos of AVOW. A perfect blend of work and play, the retreat recharged our batteries, rejuvenated our spirits, and strengthened our bonds. As we bid goodbye to our friends and colleagues, we carry with us cherished memories, a renewed sense of purpose, and a promise to see each other again.

Until next time, Auf Wiedersehen!