Expand your reach and unlock new revenue streams with our OEM partnerships

AVOW’s integrated OEM partners cover 42% of the global Android market. We offer quality and scale, as we are present worldwide and grant you access to over 1.5 billion DAU. Be a pioneer and integrate OEM on-device advertising into your marketing mix to expand your reach and connect with an untapped audience that cannot be accessed through social, search, or SDK networks.

Build a relationship with the user through targeting

On-device advertising is dynamic, seamless, and intuitive for the user. The native interface does not hinder their experience and the ads are displayed based on location, appographic, social demographics, device and keywords. These tailored ads combined with advanced targeting capabilities are what make on-device marketing beneficial for both the user and the advertiser.



Socio Demographic


Device Type


Engage with users through creative ad formats

In the mobile decision journey, there are several stages where you can connect with the user. We provide a multitude of engaging ad units that can be tailored to your audience, ranging from banners, ad vaults and native ads.

Leverage app store advertising

Imagine being able to connect with the user while they browse the app store for which app to download next, this is a crucial moment and one that is often overlooked, but YOU can be there.

Promoting apps on alternative app stores provide excellent opportunities for discovery via higher rankings, keyword dominance, and ‘featured’ promotions.

Optimization through measurement and performance for higher ROAS

All OEM on-device inventory is optimized in real-time by AVOW Performance Optimizer (APO) and verified by the leading mobile measurement companies in the industry (MMPs). Our in-house solution, the APO, takes performance campaigns to the next level, by optimizing the best inventory in real-time towards KPI goals and engagement levels.