We are delighted to unveil the next step in our progressive journey with OPPO – we have been named OPPO’s Strategic Core Partner in the Philippines! Having recently been named the OPPO Strategic Core Partner in Vietnam, this is a testament to our steadfast partnership and mutual growth. This new collaboration marks a significant stride in our combined efforts to redefine the mobile advertising landscape.

In a recent event marking this partnership, AVOW and OPPO organized an exclusive gathering with big brands and app developers in the Philippines. Colin Wei, Head of Global Ads Business Development for OPPO, realme, and Oneplus, shared his thoughts on this partnership, remarking 

Our alliance with AVOW is not just a partnership; it’s a symbiotic relationship. As we expand our horizons, AVOW remains our trusted partner, bridging new geographies and opportunities. The Philippines market is ripe with potential, and together, we aim to forge ahead into the future of mobile advertising.

AVOW CEO Robert Wildner resonated with the excitement and potential of this collaboration.

“Being named OPPO’s Strategic Core Partner in the Philippines is more than an honor. It’s a commitment – a commitment to harnessing the thriving mobile landscape in the region. At AVOW, we always aim to bring the best to our clients, and with OPPO by our side, we envision an era of uncharted possibilities and breakthroughs.”

Looking back, our bond with OPPO took its first significant leap in April 2021, creating unparalleled avenues for advertisers to connect with diverse global audiences through our key partnership. The subsequent year saw AVOW being crowned as the OPPO Ads Strategic Agency 2022, a declaration of our unparalleled synergy and commitment to excellence in the European region.

As we step into 2023, our horizon expands from Vietnam to the dynamic Philippines. Some of the biggest names like Kumu, Palawan Pay, Union Bank, Maya, Bingo Plus, Angkas and Gcash trust and have found success with AVOW. The Filipino market, known for its digital savviness and growth potential, beckons, and with OPPO’s platform, we aim to create unmatched mobile advertising experiences with the largest mobile OEM in the country.

If you’re an app developer or marketer looking to capture the vibrant Filipino market, the moment is now! With AVOW’s partnership with OPPO and other industry-leading mobile OEMs, you’re empowered to tap into an expansive advertising inventory. Contact us and let’s chart your success story in the Philippines!