AVOW is proud to share a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with the global smartphone manufacturer, vivo. For 2024, we have been chosen as one of vivo’s Performance Ads Global Core Agencies across Southeast Asia and other key regions. This marks a significant year for the continued growth of both vivo and AVOW in this part of the world.

Being hand-picked as one of Vivo’s core partners truly speaks to the heart of the collaboration. It reflects the strong bond we’ve created and our shared commitment to excellence – validated through Vivo’s thorough evaluation process.



As we step into 2024, AVOW is excited to widen its influence as vivo’s Strategic Core Partner in Southeast Asia – opening the door for clients eager to explore a market bursting with opportunities.

Are you an app developer or marketer looking to enter or improve your position in the Southeast Asian mobile market? Do you want to tap into the advertising inventory of one of the most popular mobile OEMs in this region? Leverage our partnership with vivo and other mobile OEMs by contacting us today!