That’s a Wrap for 2023: Cheers to Another Fantastic Year!

As we bid adieu to MMXXIII, we’re wrapping up a year of growth, achievements, and shared successes at AVOW. Let’s reminisce about the 2023 highlights that defined our journey and look forward to the exciting adventures that await in the coming year.

AVOW's 2023 Highlights Infographic: A Journey of Global Expansion, Recognitions, and Celebrations


13 Locations Worldwide: From Berlin to Beijing

In 2023, AVOW strategically expanded its global footprint, establishing a distinguished presence in 13 diverse locations. AVOW cultivated expertise in each nation from Berlin to Beijing and spanning across Germany, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, the Philippines, Turkey, China, Spain, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and the CIS region.


Team Diversity Flourishes: 60+ New A-Team Members from 30 Different Nationalities

Welcoming a dynamic mix of 60 new colleagues from 30 diverse cultures didn’t just beef up our A-Team – it showcased our dedication to building a workspace as varied and vibrant as the world around us. AVOW’s A-Team Company Retreat in Berlin was a cornerstone, bringing team members together from every corner of the globe for a memorable week of bonding and collaboration.


7 Prestigious Awards and Recognitions

AVOW secured seven esteemed distinctions, claiming coveted titles such as Xiaomi Core Agency of the Year for 2023 and a top 3 spot in the AppsFlyer Performance Index Global Finance Category alongside industry giants Google Ads and Meta. Notably, being crowned Vivo Global Core Agency for 2024 has undeniably propelled AVOW into the spotlight.

In addition to these remarkable accolades, we are a proud OPPO Strategic Core Partner in the Philippines and Vietnam, further solidifying our strategic influence in these regions. Furthermore, our Gold Agency Distinction with Transsion Mobile Internet cements our position as a leading specialist in global app growth.


Globetrotters Unite: 30 Events Attended Worldwide

AVOW crisscrossed the globe, participating in 30 key industry events, including the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where OPPO and AVOW co-hosted an exclusive cocktail soiree. These gatherings sparked vital conversations, forged partnerships, and kept us plugged into the heartbeat of industry shifts.


Celebrating Life: 3 Babies and 3 Furry Friends

In the midst of business, AVOW joyfully celebrated life by welcoming three precious new babies into the world. Additionally, our AVOW family warmly embraced three furry friends—Billy (Sir William), Soju, and Forbes – adding an extra layer of joy to our daily lives.


Thriving Partnerships: 10 Mobile OEM Collaborations Blossom

AVOW forged ten flourishing partnerships with mobile Original Equipment Manufacturers (what is an OEM?), solidifying our commitment to collaborative success and innovation in the dynamic mobile advertising landscape.


Guiding the Way: 2 New Comprehensive Guides Unveiled

AVOW unveiled two insightful guides—the Mobile OEM Advertising Guide and the new Dynamic Preloads and Mobile Gaming Interactive eBook – empowering our customers with strategies for success in the dynamic landscape of mobile marketing.


Digital Success: 8.4 Million Dynamic Preloads

In the mobile app game, every install holds immense value. In 2023, AVOW achieved a remarkable milestone by securing 8.4 million app installs for our gaming clients between January and August, utilizing Google Play Auto Installs (Dynamic Preloads). This was a number definitely worth sharing!


Learning and Connecting: Inaugural Live Session in London

In November, we held our first physical Learn and Connect session at The Strand oche in London with our esteemed partners Appsflyer, Xiaomi and OPPO. The session, which involved presentations and a panel discussion, included a deep dive into mobile OEMs and their offerings, how to  best weather the tracking storm in 2024, and insights from Xiaomi and Oppo on what the coming year will have in store. We’re looking forward to more Learn and Connect sessions in 2024.


Saying Goodbye to Our Current Berlin HQ: A New Office on the Horizon

After six remarkable years full of memories and milestones, AVOW bid farewell to its Berlin HQ, marking the end of an era. But with growth on the horizon, AVOW prepared to set sail for a new, larger space only a stone’s throw away in early 2024 – simply put, we need a bigger boat!


And that’s our 2023 highlights. To everyone we have met and collaborated with this year – a huge thank you. Here’s to a bigger and brighter 2024!