As an app developer or marketer in the super competitive mobile app market, standing out and capturing your target audience’s attention is no small feat. Enter the dynamic duo of Dynamic Preloads via Google PAI (Google Play Auto Install). Unlike traditional user acquisition channels, this approach the can catapults your app straight into the hands of new users. Here are the top 7 benefits of embracing this powerhouse combo as part of your app marketing strategy:


1. Users Always Get the Latest Version of Your App

Dynamic Preloads through Google PAI ensure that when users fire up their mobile devices for the first time, the freshest version of your app is already waiting for them from the Google Play Store. This feature eliminates the need for manual updates on the consumer side, enabling users to enjoy all the latest features and functionalities right out of the box – meaning a great user experience from the get-go.

Key Points:

  • Users get the latest features, skipping the hassle of manual updates 
  • A great user experience from day one


2. Organically Improve Your Play Store Rankings

Every time someone installs your app using this method, it counts towards your Google Play Store numbers, organically improving your app’s ranking. This means more people see and install your app, resulting in consistent long-term growth. Numerous gaming apps using this strategy have seen an 1000% increase in app installs within just 6 months – as highlighted in this excellent Dynamic Preloads and Mobile Gaming Guide.

Key Points:

  • Get your app noticed with better app store rankings
  • AVOW’s gaming clients have achieved 10x more installs 


2. Lower Your User Acquisition Costs

By adding dynamic app preloads to your mobile marketing efforts, you’ll spend less time trying to gain new users than you would with the traditional factory preload advertising route. This saves you money and gives you a better return on your investment. All in all, it’s an intelligent choice for app developers and marketers looking to grow their user base without breaking the bank. In fact, it’s so effective that some gaming clients spend, on average, about three-quarters of their advertising budget on Dynamic Preloads.

Key Points:

  • An affordable way to get more users vs traditional ads
  • The choice of gaming clients: they allocate 75% of their budget to this approach


3. A Much Faster Turnaround From App Launch to App Discovery

App developers can anticipate a shorter turnaround from the app’s launch to its discovery by users. Simply put, your app will get noticed quicker. This instant discovery as users set up their new devices is a fantastic way to introduce your app into the world, immediately grabbing people’s interest.

Key Points:

  • Get your app noticed when they set up their phone
  • Grab user’s attention and keep them engaged


4. Hassle-Free Integration

Forget tech headaches. With dynamic pre-loading, advertisers no longer need to stress about software development kits (SDKs) or head-scratching technical integrations. This more straightforward advertising process gives advertisers the time and energy to concentrate on developing intelligent strategies and content.

Key Points:

  • Easy set-up and no tech stress
  • Gives advertisers the time to focus on what matters


5. Cost-Per-Install, Smart Spending

With a cost-per-install model, you only pay when users install your app. This ensures you allocate your budget wisely, making the most out of every dollar for effective user acquisition.

Key Points:

  • You only pay when users install your app
  • Spend smart, get more value


6. User-Friendly Opt-Out Functionality

Nobody wants unwanted apps. Forced downloads are like that awkward guest who crashes the party – just ask Apple and Bono about their unforgettable iTunes blunder. It’s always a beautiful day when users call the shots and have the power to not download an app if it doesn’t fit their needs and interests. Letting consumers decide for themselves means you’re not just acquiring users; you are acquiring the right ones. A genuinely interested user can lead to better engagement and retention.

Key Points:

  • Users can avoid unnecessary apps easily
  • Know that your new users are truly interested in your app


The Benefits of Dynamic Preloads and Google PAI at a Glance


✓ Your app is always up-to-date for users

✓ Improved app store rankings 

✓ Cost-effective user acquisition compared to traditional UA methods

✓  Swift app discovery by millions of new users

✓  Effortless integration

✓  Smart payment model

✓  User-friendly opt-out


How to get started with Dynamic Preloads


Dynamic Preloads via Google PAI offer a modern, user-focused approach to app marketing and acquisition. By leveraging these benefits, marketers and users will enjoy a superior experience tailored to their unique needs and interests.


Looking to up your game in mobile user acquisition? Consider adding Dynamic Preloads to your marketing strategy. Connect with the AVOW team, and let’s get your app in the hands of a global audience.


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