Taking App Distribution to New Heights: An Interview with Michael Hudson, CEO of KYLN

Taking App Distribution to New Heights: An Interview with Michael Hudson, CEO of KYLN


Taking App Distribution to New Heights: An Interview with Michael Hudson, CEO of KYLN


In this exclusive interview with Michael Hudson, CEO of KYLN we discuss the game-changing news of KYLN joining forces with AVOW. This strategic collaboration empowers mobile app developers and publishers with a streamlined solution to combine app distribution and user acquisition to conquer the mobile OEM and alternative app store landscape. Let's hear from Mike himself about the potential this collaboration unlocks:

How do you feel about joining forces with AVOW?

Excited! AVOW has proven itself as the agency and expert to work with when it comes to mobile OEM and Alternative App Store space, so it's extremely exciting that the rest of the core GameBake team has the opportunity to work as close partners with the entire AVOW team.

Joining forces between AVOW and KYLN - what do you think sets us apart from others in the industry?

That it works. What GameBake had was amazing technology and a solid vision for the future, but it was missing something and that something was AVOW. With AVOW’s experience, knowledge, and expertise I really believe that KYLN has everything it needs to show the industry that not only is the “Alternative” market full of big opportunities, but you can take advantage of these opportunities without needing to invest huge amounts of time, resources and cash to get there.

With KYLN’s platform and AVOW’s UA expertise, we are set up for great things and that is why I wanted to pursue this. AVOW’s involvement is what was needed to take things to the next level, and that is what I’m focused on achieving now.


KYLN CEO Michael Hudson (centre back) with Team AVOW and KYLN Management, Berlin, May 2024. 

How do you envision KYLN in a close loop with AVOW benefiting developers and clients?

The issue for the alternative app stores market is how tricky it is to deploy to these stores and manage the day-to-day tasks required to scale successfully in this market and run a meaningful, profitable, and scalable UA. With KYLN and AVOW, this is no longer a problem for developers and publishers globally.

By simply connecting and uploading to the KYLN platform, developers and publishers globally can easily take advantage of the opportunities the Alternative Mobile OEM and Independent App Stores can provide, and with AVOW connected to KYLN’s platform, being able to connect with the UA expertise within this space and easily set up campaigns that can scale, profitably, it means the industry finally has a platform and a package that works for them. Easy deployment, scalable UA, and full transparency.

What excites you most about the future and teaming up with AVOW?

The growth potential for us all, and I don’t just mean KYLN & AVOW, I truly mean for us all. Alternative distribution is only going to grow through 2024 and beyond, and that is going to create more complexities for dev teams, marketing teams, and monetization teams globally. Therefore, a single point of contact for developers and publishers to be able to take advantage of these amazing opportunities is only going to help them grow their businesses.

Growth is good, but growth for everyone is something we should strive for. The more KYLN can do to help the industry grow, and developers and publishers globally excel, the better we all do in the end.


AVOW's CEO Robert Wildner sealing the deal with KYLN CEO Michael Hudson
AVOW CEO Robert Wildner with KYLN CEO Michael Hudson

Any final thoughts you'd like to share with developers or clients?

Mostly to explore with us what was previously difficult too. The mobile OEM and overall Alternative market has been somewhat of a black box for years now and I want KYLN to open this up and shed some light on what has been a difficult-to-understand segment of the market. Today, both KYLN and AVOW are together working hard to open the industry's eyes to the real opportunity that exists here and doing that in a transparent way because the more we all know and understand, the greater the opportunities for us all to take advantage of. Let’s talk about distribution! 


KYLN simplifies the process for game developers, allowing them to unlock a wider audience with effortless distribution. Visit KYLN.co and reach more users today!


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A visual representation of the synergy between human expertise and technology in mobile advertising, emphasizing media buying, smart KPIs, and AVOW Intelligence to enhance campaigns with creativity and insight.

Mastering Mobile OEM Advertising: Media Buying, Smart KPIs, and AVOW Intelligence

Mobile advertising has started to take center stage in the marketing landscape. With billions of people glued to their mobile devices, brands are harnessing the power of mobile OEM advertising to reach their target audience effectively. With over 1.5 billion daily active users, 10 million monthly installs, and our mobile OEM partners shipping over 228 million phones in the first half of 2023 alone, mobile OEM advertising is operating at the industry’s frontier.  Currently, the best means of accessing  mobile OEM advertising is through the OEMs themselves, or via one of their trusted partners, such as AVOW - and their proprietary tool AVOW Intelligence (more on that later). And in this landscape, strategic media buying and smart KPI tracking are key to unlocking its full potential. Whichever route you take, the destination is the same: a growth market of exponential opportunities.


A visual representation of the synergy between human expertise and technology in mobile advertising, emphasizing media buying, smart KPIs, and AVOW Intelligence to enhance campaigns with creativity and insight.



Let's begin with an essential aspect of mobile OEM advertising that any advertiser or marketer should consider before entering this space: media buying. In this article, we'll explore what media buying entails in the context of mobile OEM advertising and how data and technology play a significant role in its success. Additionally, we'll delve into its significance for brands aiming to succeed in the competitive digital landscape. First, however, let’s get to grips with what media buying is.


Media Impact: Understanding Media Buying in Mobile and its Importance


In a general sense, ”media buying” denotes the strategic process of purchasing advertising space or inventory from publishers, platforms, or ad networks to display promotional content to a target audience. In mobile OEM advertising, the term  specifically refers to the process of securing ad placements on mobile OEM devices, apps, or in-app advertisements. As such, in order to optimize return on ad spends (ROAS) and achieve desired marketing objectives, careful consideration and meticulous planning are required.  


Effective media buying is important, for several reasons, any of which can make or break a mobile OEM advertising campaign’s success.


Precision Targeting: Amplifying Reach through Media Buying Strategies


By employing media buying strategies, advertisers can reach their intended audience with precision. The advanced targeting capabilities of mobile OEMs allow them to segment users based on demographics, interests, location, behavior, and other factors. This specificity then ensures that ads are only displayed to users that the advertiser or marketer deems most relevant and engaged, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions.


Maximizing ROI: Leveraging Cost-Effectiveness with Media Buying


Media buying enables advertisers to optimize their budgets by selecting the most cost-effective ad placements. By focusing on the ad types and placements that are most suitable to the app vertical (i.e. those with high user engagement and conversion rates), brands can reduce unnecessary expenses while maximizing results.


Elevating Brand Visibility: Strategic Media Buying for Enhanced Awareness


Strategic media buying also means that ads are displayed in contexts closely related to the brand's products or services. This contextual relevance enhances brand visibility and awareness among the target audience, fostering brand recall and loyalty.


Performance Monitoring and Optimization


Media buying empowers advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of their advertisements, leveraging insights from key metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversions, and impressions. This data-driven approach allows for the refinement of campaigns for enhanced performance. But without context, too much data will simply create noise. Moreover, wading through that noise will be cumbersome, time consuming, and, more often than not, lead to bad decisions and conclusions. So how does AVOW leverage technology to streamline this process? Through AVOW Intelligence.


The AVOW Advantage: Smart KPIs and Campaign Optimization Strategy


While many agencies and even OEMs themselves insist on a cost per install (CPI) model, AVOW leverages both its people and technology to optimize for down funnel events. This means that AVOW focuses on the outcomes beyond the initial install, such as in-app purchases, sign-ups, and/or subscriptions. And by accepting down funnel events, AVOW also demonstrates a deeper understanding of the user journey, thereby helping cultivate campaigns that are optimized for meaningful, long-term results. This strategic difference sets AVOW apart from its competitors and drives unparalleled performance for its clients.


Simply having the right tech and people isn’t enough. Conscious of this, our team also helps build your campaign’s success by adhering to smart KPIs designated for media buying and campaign optimisations. These include:


Strategic Foundations: Building Success Through Comprehensive Market Research

Before delving into media buying, conducting in-depth market research is crucial. Identifying the target audience's preferences, behavior, and media consumption habits will lay the foundation for a successful media buying strategy.


Clear Objectives, Tangible Results: The Importance of Defined Aims and Outcomes

Establishing clear campaign objectives is an essential component of the media buying process. Whether the goal is to drive website traffic, increase app downloads, or boost sales, having well-defined aims will make selecting appropriate advertising channels easier. This is why we encourage all our clients to define their objectives together with us so that we may plan and optimize the campaign, including for down funnel events.


Capturing Attention: Choosing the Right Ad Formats for Mobile OEM Advertising Success

Mobile OEM advertising offers various ad formats, such as banners, interstitials, videos, native ads, and more. As such, selecting the most suitable format according to your target audience’s preferences (along with your campaign's other objectives)  is the most effective way of capturing their attention. Understanding the behavior and success of these ad types and placements for different verticals is also paramount.


Driving Innovation: A/B Testing and Continuous Experimentation

Constantly experimenting and A/B testing different ad creatives, copy, ad types, placements and targeting parameters can significantly improve campaign performance. These tests provide invaluable insight into what resonates best with an audience, and can inform future media buying decisions too.


The Winning Formula: Integrating Media Buying, Technology, and Smart KPIs


Media buying is a pivotal component of mobile advertising that equips  brands with the power to connect with their target audience effectively. By understanding the significance of media buying, and by implementing strategic approaches, advertisers can accordingly optimize their campaigns, enhance brand visibility, and drive measurable results. And by leveraging technology, our proprietary tool, AVOW Intelligence, is a true trailblazer which allows us to analyze and react to data, optimize campaigns, and focus on down funnel events. Moreover, our knowledge, skills, and unique tools empower us to drive exceptional performance and achieve tangible results for our clients. 


AVOW has several customer success stories in this regard. Take, for instance, our work with Lotto24. Through this partnership, the online German lottery  increased its installs by 170%. Elsewhere, our client Exness, an online trading app, saw a whopping 90% return on ad spend (ROAS), and Kumu, a Filipino social networking service, managed to improve their cost per download (CPD) ratio by 57% by employing our optimizations. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. And these figures speak for themselves.


So whether it's optimizing campaigns, minimizing risk, or capitalizing on platform differences, AVOW can offer your campaign a strategic edge. What’s more, our smart KPI’s are reshaping the future of mobile OEM advertising, so there’s never been a better time to find out what they can do for your business. For a personalized consultation and to learn more, contact us today.


Behind the Apps: Mobile Marketing Talks - New Interview Series Coming Soon


"Conversations with the People Making the Smartest Moves in Mobile"


Behind the Apps: Mobile Marketing Talks is a forthcoming video interview series by AVOW that will offer an exclusive peek behind the curtains of the mobile marketing and app world. Hosted by David Murphy, each episode will feature discussions with industry innovators and leaders, sharing their experiences, strategies, triumphs, and challenges in marketing their apps.


Meet the Behind the Apps Host: David Murphy

David Murphy, based in London, is an accomplished freelance writer, mobile ad tech expert and founder of Mobile Marketing Magazine - where he served as its editor for over 18 years. Additionally, he co-founded Masterclassing.com to foster knowledge exchange among digital marketers. His vast experience makes him the perfect guide for our conversations on 'Behind the Apps: Mobile Marketing Talks.'


Our Vision for Behind the Apps

Our goal with Behind the Apps: Mobile Marketing Talks is to shine a light on the people behind the apps - their successes, their unique insights, and their contributions. Our hope is that by sharing these stories, we can all learn from each other and together drive progress in our exciting field of mobile marketing.


Stay Tuned for the Debut Episode of Behind the Apps

So whether you're a seasoned marketer, a skilled developer, or simply someone with a keen interest in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, Behind the Apps promises to provide a wealth of valuable insights. From expert strategies to innovative approaches, we'll explore the diverse facets of mobile marketing that drive success in today's dynamic digital world.

Join us for the first episode, coming very soon to AVOW, as we uncover the secrets of mobile marketing and delve into what truly lies behind the apps.


Stay updated with the latest news and updates about Behind the Apps: Mobile Marketing Talks by following the AVOW Blog and our LinkedIn page.


Revolutionizing IPL and Sports Marketing: Embracing Mobile-First Sports Consumption

Mobile-First Sports Consumption: Transforming the IPL and Sports Marketing Landscape

The 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is set to commence on Friday, March 22, 2024, promising to further leverage mobile technology and redefine sports consumption in India. Since its 2008 inception, the IPL's transformation into a cultural phenomenon is underscored by its US$11.2 billion valuation by the end of 2023, surpassing the English Premier League's (EPL) US$9 billion. To really understand the IPL is to understand the pulse of India—a diverse nation united by its love for cricket.

As the 16th edition of the IPL captivated the nation, it also highlighted the evolving landscape of mobile marketing, mobile OEM advertising, and digital viewership trends, setting a new benchmark for future sporting events. Let's also take a moment to look back at IPL 2023, a mobile and digital spectacle that has set the stage for what promises to be an even more innovative and engaging season.


Revolutionizing IPL and Sports Marketing: Embracing Mobile-First Sports Consumption


A Look Back at IPL 2023: A Showcase of Mobile Innovation and Digital Engagement


The IPL isn't just a cricket league; it's a cultural phenomenon uniting millions worldwide. The 2023 season, culminating in a thrilling final where the Chennai Super Kings emerged victorious, transcended mere cricket — it was an immersive experience. With 1.47 billion views on its opening weekend, over 16 billion views by the second qualifier, and a staggering 32 million live viewership for the final match on the JioCinema app, the IPL showcased the growing preference for mobile app sports streaming, marking significant year-over-year growth in digital consumption.


Moreover, 61% of viewers watched matches on their mobile devices, highlighting the dominance of smartphones in IPL consumption. Digital ad revenue surged by 33% to Rs 20 billion, over US$241 million in 2023, driven by the convenience and accessibility of mobile apps. This trend was further fueled by content proliferation across mobile OEM platforms like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei, deepening deeper engagement with IPL content.


The Rise and Rise of Mobile-First Sports Consumption

In 2024, significant sporting events like the IPL, Euro 2024, and the Paris Olympic Games present substantial opportunities for mobile app marketers. During IPL 2023, about 70% of viewers engaged with their smartphones for various activities, such as checking match updates, participating in online discussions, ordering food, playing fantasy cricket, and exploring promotions. This underscores the strong link between sports fans and mobile apps, providing ample opportunities for targeted advertising.

The surge in app downloads during the tournament, especially in categories like food delivery and eCommerce, with increases of 63% and 54% respectively, highlights the influence of major sports events on consumer behavior. Mobile OEM advertising offers a cost-effective and fraud-free channel for marketers to boost app downloads and user engagement. With a growing emphasis on interactive elements in both sports and advertising, mobile OEMs are positioned to drive the evolution of mobile-first sports consumption.


Mobile OEMs: New Strategies for Heightened Engagement

With numerous options mobile OEMs provide, advertisers can employ diverse strategies for enhanced effectiveness. Full-screen videos, splash ads, and appographic marketing in display ads offer personalized campaigns. Dynamic Preloads utilize OEMs’ app recommendations for effective user acquisition. Leveraging Private Marketplace (PMP) deals and Dynamic Preloads during key sports events provides additional acquisition channels without excessive costs.


The barrier to entry for advertisers and users toward mobile OEM advertising and IPL consumption is at an all-time low. JioCinema offers free IPL access via its app, contrasting with previous paid options from Hotstar, charging up to Rs 1499 or US$18 for an IPL viewing package. This strategy quadrupled JioCinema's app penetration, providing advertisers with a vast audience. With affordable mobile OEM advertising, now is the perfect time to leverage both mobile OEMs and the IPL.


Strategic sponsorships by mobile OEMs, such as Vivo's with the FIFA World Cup 2022 and the IPL from 2016 to 2021, and OPPO's with the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and Wimbledon, highlight the growing ties between sports and mobile tech. These partnerships enhance brand visibility and offer unique opportunities for mobile marketers during major events. Additionally, they drive increased mobile OEM hardware sales, providing further incentives for app developers to leverage mobile OEMs' position in the global sporting landscape.


Knocking it Out of the Park: A New Era of Mobile Sports Marketing and Consumption


The merging of sports, mobile technology, and advertising heralds a new era in sports marketing, where digital experiences rival physical ones in enrichment. IPL 2023's success in leveraging mobile platforms for enhanced viewership sets a precedent for future events, offering insights into consumer behavior.


As IPL 17 unfolds and Euro 2024 looms on the horizon, the strategies employed during IPL 2023 offer a roadmap for harnessing mobile OEM advertising and app marketing to captivate sports enthusiasts. Targeted, innovative, and interactive campaigns, coupled with strategic mobile technology deployment, have the potential to elevate user acquisition, engagement, and brand loyalty.


The evolving landscape of sports consumption, propelled by the symbiotic relationship between cricket, mobile tech, and advertising, presents an alluring frontier for marketers. By embracing these evolving trends and catering to digital consumer preferences, brands can not only maintain a competitive edge but also cultivate enduring connections, redefining sports experiences in the digital era.


The IPL isn't just big; it's massive. And in the world's second-largest mobile market, that presents an unmissable opportunity for mobile marketers everywhere. Don't miss out on leveraging this opportunity with mobile OEM advertising. Contact AVOW today to elevate your app presence in the global sporting landscape.