International Pet Day and the A-Team: A Chat with Selin Songur

In this interview, we sit down with Selin Songur, the Senior Manager of People and Talent at AVOW, to delve into her passionate involvement in International Pet Day. With a heart firmly rooted in animal welfare, Selin shares her inspirations for advocating pet adoption and support, sheds light on her vision for the future of International Pet Day, and emphasizes the importance of community involvement and awareness in making a difference.


What sparked your interest in celebrating International Pet Day, and how do you plan to contribute to its significance?


My interest in celebrating International Pet Day was sparked by a strong desire to support animal sheltering efforts in Gaza amidst the war. I plan to contribute by highlighting the critical work of animal shelters in the region, advocating for the welfare of animals in conflict zones, and encouraging support and donations to these essential organizations.

Can you share a memorable experience you've had with a pet that inspired you to advocate for pets and be a part of this global celebration?


Yes, the loss of one of my cats deeply inspired me. She was the most loving and sweetest creature I've ever known. Her anticipated presence and affection were a source of immense comfort. Knowing she would always be there to greet me, yet tragically passing away in another's lap and not mine, left a profound impact on me.

This loss, however, paved the way for a remarkable act of rescue and survival. During a visit to a shelter in Turkey, I encountered a kitten on the brink of death. Despite initial rejections by the first 2 veterinarians due to its dire condition, perseverance led me to a 3rd vet and to a diagnosis of flu, saving the kitten's life. This little survivor, mistaken for a female and later discovered to be male, not only recovered but became a vibrant addition to my family, embodying the spirit of resilience and joy. His addition now makes it 2 cats and a dog for us. This combined experience is what fuelled my passion for advocating animal welfare and the global celebration of pets.

How do you envision International Pet Day evolving in the coming years, and what role do you see yourself playing in its development?


I envision International Pet Day growing into a more inclusive and globally impactful event, emphasizing the importance of rescuing and adopting animals from shelters, including those in other countries. The process can be challenging but incredibly rewarding. I hope to inspire and encourage people worldwide to open their homes to street animals and those in need, playing a role in spreading awareness and facilitating these connections.

How can businesses and organizations leverage International Pet Day to promote responsible pet ownership and support animal shelters or rescue initiatives?


Businesses and organizations can play a significant role by giving voice to individuals working in animal welfare and supporting shelters both visibly and financially. They can use their platforms to raise awareness about the responsibilities of pet ownership and the importance of supporting animal shelters. While the decision to help should ultimately come from the individual, raising awareness and understanding the commitment involved are crucial steps towards a more responsible and empathetic society.

AVOW's CMO Melissa Bohlsen Talks International Women's Day and Her Journey Towards Gender Equality

Today, March 8th, we celebrate women everywhere  - those we admire, love, and hold dear, from close companions to distant inspirations. International Women's Day serves as a reminder to recognize and honor women's contributions and existence, despite ongoing challenges like gender bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. 

In this spirit, we sat down with Melissa Bohlsen, Chief Marketing Officer at mobile OEM advertising specialists AVOW to discuss her commitment to gender equality and gain her perspective on "Inspire Inclusion," the theme for this year's International Women's Day, and the importance of advocating for female leadership within the workplace.

What significance does International Women's Day hold for you?

International Women's Day is a profound reminder of our shared commitment to achieving gender equality. This year's theme, "Inspire Inclusion," resonates with me on a personal and professional level. It's a call to action to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of life. Despite progress, we still face significant challenges in achieving true equality, especially in corporate leadership and decision-making.

Can you discuss the impact of exploring gender dynamics on your career progression?

“n my career journey, understanding an organization's gender dynamics has been crucial. I've learned to ask about the ratio of women to men and the presence of women in leadership positions. This isn't just due diligence; it's a reflection of my values. There have been instances where I've declined opportunities upon realizing a company's lack of commitment to enhancing female representation.

How do you approach championing women in leadership roles?

In senior positions, women have a unique opportunity and responsibility to advocate for more female representation in leadership. My journey has involved direct discussions with investors to push for more women on the board. These conversations are essential in shaping a diverse and inclusive future for corporate governance.


“We must continue to challenge the status quo, advocate for change, and lead by example”

What role do men play in fostering gender equality, in your view?

Gender equality isn't just a women's issue; it requires everyone's commitment, especially men. In industries dominated by male CEOs, like the 90% running Fortune 500 companies, it's crucial for men to actively support diversity and equality. Encouraging women in entrepreneurial ventures is important, but so is the commitment of male-led firms to embrace these values from the start.

How do you respond to the disparity in leadership and advocate for diversity and equality?

We fully embrace diversity at AVOW - and in terms on an executive level, 50% of our leadership team are women, which benefits our organization through broader perspectives, enhanced performance, and a more inclusive culture. I'm proud of our commitment to an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Can you talk about the importance of vocal advocacy for women's empowerment?

Vocal advocacy for women in the workplace is crucial, even in the face of skepticism or criticism. Supporting women aspiring to leadership roles, regardless of potential backlash, is essential. It's about remaining steadfast and calm, fostering an environment where women's achievements are recognized and celebrated.


"Women have a unique opportunity to advocate for more female representation in leadership.”

How do you champion women in your workplace?

Publicly acknowledging and praising the work of other women is vital. Recalling a senior colleague's speech about a female executive's achievements is a powerful example of how we can support each other, especially in demanding environments. This fosters a culture of respect and support among professional women.

Could you also elaborate on how AVOW embraces diversity and inclusion?

At AVOW, diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of our culture. With women in significant leadership positions and a management team from diverse backgrounds, we challenge the norms of corporate leadership. Balancing this demanding role with motherhood has taught me the importance of communication, resilience, and a supportive team. It's a testament to our dedication to creating a multicultural and inclusive workplace.

What's your perspective on balancing professional and personal life?

Normalizing discussions about family life in professional settings is key to dismantling double standards. I openly discuss balancing my career with family responsibilities, serving as a model for other women. It's interesting that while women may hesitate to share family details, men often do so freely, highlighting the need for a more inclusive approach.

Do you have a final message you wish to share for this year’s International Women's Day?

This International Women's Day, let's reaffirm our dedication to gender equality through our actions. We must continue to challenge the status quo, advocate for change, and lead by example. Embracing this year's mantra, "Inspire Inclusion," let's integrate this principle into our daily lives. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable world for ourselves and future generations.

You can explore International Women's Day further at  the official IWD website and join the conversation with #IWD2024 and #InspireInclusion on social media.

If you're passionate about joining a team dedicated to equity and inclusion, explore current career opportunities at AVOW.











Top 9 Events in 2024 for Mobile Marketers

In the fast-paced world of mobile marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Events, conferences, and summits offer unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and discovering the latest trends and technologies. 2024 promises a lineup of events that no mobile marketer should miss. From the Mobile World Congress to Gamescom, each event packs a unique punch. Let's dive into the top events of 2024, tailor-made for mobile marketers.

App Growth Summit (AGS)

The App Growth Summit stands as a beacon for marketers looking to skyrocket their app's growth. With a focus on advanced strategies, this event brings together industry leaders and innovators.


Why Attend?


Networking with peers, learning from case studies, and workshops dedicated to app scalability make this summit a must-attend.


Where will AGS be held?


The App Growth Summit will continue its tradition of hosting events in key cities around the globe to cater to a wide audience of mobile marketing professionals.


  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Singapore
  • Berlin
  • Paris
  • São Paulo
  • San Francisco
  • London
  • Barcelona
  • Austin
  • Mexico City


For more details on specific events and dates, you can visit the App Growth Summit events page here


App Promotion Summit (APS)



Focused on the latest strategies in app marketing, APS brings together industry leaders, innovative thinkers, and mobile marketers from around the globe. The summit covers a comprehensive range of topics, including app store optimization (ASO), user acquisition, social media marketing, mobile analytics, and retention strategies. APS cuts through the noise, offering actionable insights on app marketing strategies.


Why Attend?


Attendees gain from deep-dives into SEO, ASO, user acquisition and retention strategies, directly from experts.


Where will APS be held?


The App Promotion Summit is held in major cities and tech hubs around the world, where mobile marketers and mobile experts are expected to converge. 


  • London
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Berlin


APS will end the year as they have since 2017, with the App Growth Awards held in Berlin, right after APS Berlin. For more details on specific events and dates, you can visit the App Promotion Summit page here



Gamesforum is a melting pot for game marketers, offering insights into marketing, monetization, and user engagement.

Why Attend?

The conference shines with panel discussions and sessions on emerging trends in the gaming industry.

Where will Gamesforum be held?


Gamesforum is held in major cities around Europe, with a stop in North America, where some of the world’s biggest gaming companies call home.


  • Barcelona
  • Hamburg
  • London
  • Cyprus
  • Seattle


Gamesforum have yet to confirm the dates for their Seattle and London events, so keep an eye out on the Gamesforum page for the latest updates.




As one of the largest events for game enthusiasts and marketers, Gamescom offers a global stage for networking and discovery.


Why Attend?


Don't miss out on exclusive reveals, marketing insights, and the chance to connect with the world’s largest game developers and publishers.


Where will Gamescom be held?


Gamescom is a single event conference, held every year in Cologne, Germany. More details can be found on the Gamescom page here.


Mobile World Congress (MWC)


MWC is the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry, featuring top-notch seminars on mobile innovations.


Why Attend?


The event is a goldmine for making connections, with thousands of attendees from across the globe.


Where will MWC be held?


Just like Gamescom, MWC is  a single event conference held every year in Barcelona. More information can be found on the MWC page here.


Pocket Gamer Connects (PG Connects)


Celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2024, Pocket Gamer Connects is a nexus for mobile gaming professionals, offering insights into game design, marketing, and beyond.


Why Attend?


With its indie game showcases and pitch sessions, it's an excellent spot for discovering and learning how to market the next big thing.


Where will PG Connects be held?


Held in multiple major cities around the world, PG Connects is unique in that each year boasts different cities, with no one year having an identical location list.. For 2024, PG connects will be held in:


  • London
  • San Francisco
  • Helsinki


For all the information and latest updates, visit the PG Connects page here.



Game Developers Conference (GDC)


GDC focuses on all aspects of game development, from design to marketing, making it invaluable for marketers.


Why Attend?


In-depth sessions on market trends, user acquisition, and retention strategies are particularly beneficial to mobile marketers.


Where will GDC be held?


GDC is also a single event conference, being held in San Francisco. More details on the event can be found on the GDC page here.


Puzzle Society Conference


This niche conference offers a deep dive into the world of puzzle and casual games, emphasizing community building and marketing strategies.


Why Attend?


Learn how to foster a dedicated community around your game, enhancing user loyalty and engagement.


Where will the Puzzle Society Conference be held?


Co-hosted by Appsflyer, this single event conference will be held in London. For confirmation with the dates for 2024, visit the Puzzle Society Conference page here.


White Nights Conference


The White Nights Conference is an international event that highlights mobile gaming and marketing trends, with a strong focus on cross-border networking.


Why Attend?


With attendees from all over the world, it's an ideal place to form global partnerships.


Where will the White Nights Conference be held?


The White Nights conference is a truly global event, spanning across Asia, Europe and the Middle-East. With four confirmed events and two yet to be confirmed, keep up to date with all that is happening at the White Nights page here.


Making the Most of These Events


  • Plan Your Schedule

    • With so many events, prioritize based on your goals, whether it's learning, networking, or both.


  • Maximize Your ROI

    • Engage actively, set up meetings in advance, and follow up on connections post-event to truly benefit from your attendance.




For mobile marketers, these events are invaluable for staying on top of industry trends, networking, and fuelling growth strategies. Mark your calendars and prepare to take your mobile marketing efforts to the next level in 2024!


Stay tuned to our Linkedin page and blog, and sign up for our newsletter where we will share all upcoming events on a monthly basis.

What is AVOW Learn and Connect: Mobile Advertising Education Sessions for Mobile Marketers


Welcome to the exciting world of AVOW's "Learn and Connect" live education sessions! “Learn and Connect” is an initiative started by AVOW in the latter half of 2023 to educate and bring attention to the wonders, benefits and use cases of mobile OEM advertising and their owned app stores (alternative app stores). These mobile advertising education sessions, available as both in-person gatherings, like those hosted in London, and as online webinar-style events, offer a dynamic platform for interactive learning and professional growth.

Our first in-person “Learn and Connect” session was held in London in November 2023,  together with Appsflyer and our esteemed OEM partners Xiaomi and Oppo, who flew in from China just to be at the event.

An Interactive Learning Environment

Learning does not have to be static. Our "Learn and Connect" sessions stand out due to their interactive learning environment. Here, real-time engagement with expert instructors isn't just a benefit—it's a cornerstone. Participants are immersed in a setting where live interaction fosters a deeper understanding and a more engaging educational experience. From holding roundtable discussions on a variety of topics, to holding Q&A sessions, we ensure that you are learning what benefits you the most. 

What Can You Expect to learn?

These sessions cover a diverse array of mobile advertising education topics, including

  • Insights into AVOW itself
  • The inner workings of mobile OEMs
  • Advertising and marketing opportunities with mobile OEMs
  • Strategies for alternative app stores
  • Innovative advertising methods and formats on alternative app stores
  • Trends and innovations in the mobile advertising industry

This versatility and topical diversity ensures that regardless of your goals, you'll find content relevant to your needs.

Expert Instructors and Facilitators

The mobile advertising education sessions are led by expert instructors and facilitators, often in partnership with industry leaders. These professionals are not just knowledgeable but are passionate about sharing their insights. The quality and relevance of the information provided are always at the forefront, ensuring that participants gain valuable knowledge applicable to their fields.

AVOW CEO Robert Wildner, CRO Ashwin Shekhar and VP of Client strategy Guenole Le Gall usually headline these sessions, with a smattering of other industry leaders within mobile OEMs and Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) rounding off the lineup. Between them, they cover the length and breadth of knowledge and experience, covering everything from an industry, client and advertising perspective. 

Networking Opportunities

"Learn and Connect", as the name suggests,  isn't just about learning; it's also about building connections. These sessions offer invaluable networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals and exchange ideas. Whether it's through partnerships or peer interactions, the emphasis is on building a strong, professional network. With our mobile OEM partners, MMP partners and other industry leaders in tow, the opportunities to network, share ideas and to grow are vast. One unique aspect of the networking opportunities present during these sessions are the fact that every single person attending has come with the same goal in mind. This almost curated environment is ripe for not just any networking, but for the right kind of networking to take place, full of purpose and a shared vision. 

Go Live or Go Virtual

The flexibility in being able to have these mobile advertising education sessions as either live or virtual sessions allows us to maximize who gets to participate in these and where and when they can be held.

Virtual Sessions

The virtual format of "Learn and Connect" provides the flexibility to attend sessions from various locations, making it accessible to a global audience. This format ensures that no matter where you are, you can be a part of this enriching experience. These 60 minute virtual sessions are usually held as a webinar, with multiple presenters and a robust Q&A session and discussion held after the presentations are done.

Live Sessions

The London Edition, held in 2023, serves as a perfect example of the live experience. These all morning sessions offer the added benefit of face-to-face interactions, creating a more personal and impactful learning environment. Co-hosted along with Appsflyer, one of the top MMPs with whom we are a premier solutions partner with, and together with top mobile OEM representatives from Xiaomi and Oppo, the London edition of “Learn and Connect” stayed true to its name.

In Summary

AVOW's "Learn and Connect" mobile advertising education sessions are more than just educational events; they're opportunities for professional and personal growth. By combining

  • A range of diverse topics in the mobile OEM advertising and marketing space,
  • Expert instructors,
  • An interactive and engaging learning environment,
  • Robust networking opportunities,
  • And the flexibility of conducting these sessions either virtually or in-person,  

These sessions offer a holistic approach to learning and professional development that should not be missed.


Eager to be a part of this transformative experience and think you or your company could benefit from one of these sessions? Stay tuned to our website and Linkedin page for our upcoming live sessions, or contact us to book your very own session. We are always open to collaborations and co-hosting.  Embark on your journey of continuous learning and growth with AVOW’s "Learn and Connect"!