In the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile marketing, a shift is taking place, marked by the increasing influence and leadership of women. From pioneering new technologies to steering major companies towards unprecedented growth, women are not just participants but are leading the charge in shaping the future of this dynamic industry. We take a look at some formidable women who are breaking barriers and setting new standards in mobile marketing, showcasing their unique contributions and the paths they have carved. Their stories not only inspire but also illuminate the crucial role of diversity and innovation in driving mobile marketing forward. This list of influential women in mobile marketing is in alphabetical order.


Janae Redmond – Former VP of Partner Products & Foundations, Meta


Janae Redmond is a prominent figure in the digital advertising space, widely recognized for her leadership at Twitter where she headed the MoPub team. With extensive experience in mobile advertising, Redmond has significantly contributed to the development and expansion of advertising platforms that cater to both publishers and advertisers. Following her successful tenure at Twitter, Redmond has pivoted to focus on advancing ethical practices in digital marketing, advocating for transparency and user privacy. Her expertise continues to influence the industry, as she mentors young professionals and collaborates with organizations to promote responsible advertising technology.


Jennifer Lum – Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Biospring Partners


Jennifer Lum is a highly respected entrepreneur and investor in the tech industry, known for her deep expertise in mobile advertising and her co-founding role at Adelphic Mobile, a pioneering programmatic advertising platform. Following Adelphic, Lum’s current venture focuses on supporting early-stage startups in technology and artificial intelligence through her role as a venture capitalist. Her keen insights and guidance have been instrumental in nurturing innovative companies, leading them toward growth and success in competitive markets. Lum’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting diversity within the tech community highlights her continued influence and commitment as a leader in the field.


Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan – SVP of Global Business Development, Adswizz


Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan is a distinguished figure in mobile marketing, renowned for founding Drawbridge, a company that revolutionized cross-device marketing through advanced machine-learning techniques. With a Ph.D. from Stanford University, she transitioned from academia to lead Drawbridge, where her work in data-driven advertising set new industry standards and earned her multiple accolades, including recognition in Business Insider’s “Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising.” Following Drawbridge’s acquisition by LinkedIn in 2019, Kamakshi continues to influence the field, advocating for ethical data use and empowering women in technology.


Katie Madding – CPO, Adjust


Katie Madding is a key figure in the mobile marketing industry, serving as the Chief Product Officer at Adjust, a global app marketing analytics platform. Her expertise in mobile measurement and end-to-end analytics has been pivotal in shaping Adjust’s strategic direction, leading to innovative solutions that help marketers and publishers optimize their mobile campaigns. Madding’s leadership is characterized by her forward-thinking approach to product development and her commitment to enhancing user engagement through data-driven insights. Under her guidance, Adjust has continued to expand its reach and influence, providing crucial tools for navigating the complex landscape of mobile advertising.


Kim Perell – CEO and Founder,


Kim Perell is an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO renowned for founding, a company that utilizes artificial intelligence to revolutionize brand building in the digital age. With a successful track record that includes being a startup founder and an angel investor, Perell has overseen the growth of numerous companies, leading to significant exits. Her digital marketing expertise and ability to drive profitability have earned her numerous awards and recognitions, including being featured in Forbes as a leading entrepreneur. Kim Perell’s leadership extends beyond business, as she actively mentors aspiring entrepreneurs and promotes innovation in technology and marketing.


Lisa Zaythik – Chief People Officer, AppsFlyer


Lisa Zaythik is a key figure in the tech industry, serving as the Chief People Officer of AppsFlyer, a leading global marketing measurement platform. With a strong commitment to building and nurturing a dynamic, inclusive company culture, Zaythik has been pivotal in shaping AppsFlyer’s reputation as an outstanding place to work. Her talent acquisition, retention, and development strategies reflect a deep understanding of the critical link between employee satisfaction and business success. Under her guidance, AppsFlyer has thrived, consistently attracting top talent and achieving remarkable employee engagement levels, which in turn drive innovation and growth within the company.


Mari Kim Novak – Advisor/Fractional CMO


Mari Kim Novak is a prominent leader in mobile marketing, known for her extensive experience in the advertising technology industry and her role as the former Chairperson of The Advertising Club of New York. Having served in senior positions at companies like Microsoft, Google, and Rubicon Project, Novak has been instrumental in shaping innovative marketing strategies that leverage digital platforms to enhance user engagement and advertising effectiveness. She is celebrated for her visionary leadership and commitment to driving diversity and inclusion within the tech community, making her a key figure in advancing the role of women in advertising technology.


Monica Ho – CMO, SOCi Inc

Monica Ho is an influential leader in the field of digital marketing, with particular expertise in geo-location technology. As Chief Marketing Officer at SOCi, a leading platform for multi-location enterprises, she has played a pivotal role in developing cutting-edge marketing strategies that leverage the power of local search and social media to enhance brand engagement. Ho’s work emphasizes the integration of local insights into broader marketing campaigns, significantly boosting visibility and consumer interaction. With a career marked by innovation and results-driven leadership, she remains a key figure in transforming how businesses connect with local audiences, driving forward both growth and digital adoption.


Petra Vorsteher – CAO & Founder, AI.HAMBURG


Petra Vorsteher is a trailblazing executive in the mobile marketing industry, best known as the co-founder of Smaato, a leading global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. After establishing Smaato as a major player in the mobile advertising arena, Vorsteher continued to pursue innovative projects. Her current venture focuses on leveraging advanced technologies to further enhance digital marketing strategies, emphasizing sustainable growth and ethical data usage. With her extensive experience in international business development and strategic partnerships, Vorsteher remains a pivotal figure in tech, committed to driving forward technological advancements while promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.


Sara Fee Kirschhausen – Principal, Earlybird Venture Capital


Sara Fee Kirschhausen is a distinguished marketing strategist and former Chief Marketing Officer of Trade Republic, a leading European mobile brokerage platform. During her tenure, she played a crucial role in driving the company’s brand strategy and customer acquisition efforts, significantly contributing to its rapid growth in the competitive fintech landscape. Kirschhausen’s expertise in combining data-driven marketing techniques with user-centric communication has been pivotal in enhancing customer engagement and trust. Her innovative approaches have not only elevated Trade Republic’s market presence but have also set new benchmarks for marketing excellence in the fintech industry. Her expertise in the fintech and marketing space now sees her transforming her startup operational experience into an early-stage investment with Earlybird Venture Capital.


Women and the Mobile Marketing Revolution


As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the women highlighted here exemplify the innovation and leadership that are driving the mobile marketing industry forward. Each of them, through their unique strategies and insights, not only shapes their respective companies but also paves the way for future generations of women in tech. Their journeys reflect a broader movement towards inclusivity and diversity in tech and mobile marketing, serving as both inspiration and a call to action for all who wish to make an impact. As mobile marketing grows in complexity and influence, the contributions of these and all other women will undoubtedly be essential to the narrative of success and transformation in the mobile marketing world.

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