We understand that offering excellent customer service is just as critical as providing untapped inventory to our clients. AVOW’s clients gain much more than just access to OEM inventory: Our team goes above and beyond to provide a consultative approach on OEM marketing with expertise in these untapped markets. This approach has resulted in satisfied customers all over the world, enabling them to tap into new markets and identify ways to scale their business. In this article, we share the advantages of onboarding with Avow, outline how we build strong connections with our clients and help them achieve their marketing goals.

     1. Adding value from Day 1: Seamless integration and onboarding

We understand the importance of creating the foundations for a long-term relationship from the very beginning. From the very first interaction with our clients, we aim to add value to their market strategy and provide the best onboarding experience possible. That translates into consulting around all options for OEM inventory, alternative app stores, and saving a client’s time spent planning to launch campaigns with us.

There are several benefits to OEM marketing and we have close relations with the leading alternative app stores. This means we know important performance factors and our team can offer expert consultation about the best options from the start and throughout the campaign cycle.

      2. Work with a specialist in your app category and target market

While we reach over 40% of the global market for Android devices and work with customers of all segments – including everything from Gaming to Fintech – we don´t want to miss the specifics of each target market to our customers. That’s why we have built a company with a global DNA while also offering a hyper-localized approach. By combining these two visions clients have enough independence in their target markets and the freedom to thrive in addition to gaining insights from other markets.

Targeting lookalike markets with Avow: Companies come to us to find new opportunities of inventory to promote their apps in addition to their existing marketing mix. We consult on how OEMs can add incremental value to their user acquisition and the reach of audiences in each GEOs. In some regions our customers can explore multiple OEMs and stores when promoting their apps.

As a team we are always up to date and ready to consult clients about the best media plan, OEM specifics and audience reach in each GEOs. For example, if you have an app based in Asia but also want to explore other GEOs, you can work with Avow to gain valuable research from our internal analytics and leverage opportunities in your target market. 

Country-specific expertise and specialists per app category: Our team of experts is always looking for innovative ways to help you scale in multiple countries. We have team members that are native to each region and have fluency in how to target each market. We also have experts for each app category to give you the best possible insights into how to market your app in each region. We know the leading trends for your target market and help with performance benchmarks.

Work with a team you can trust: Our goal is to work as an extended arm to our clients and be closest to them within their UA marketing mix – establishing a long-lasting relationship that produces excellent results. During our hiring process we focus on building an expert team based on how they can manage long term relationships, their knowledge of app marketing and high analytical skills. This ensures we not only execute around each campaign, but also add value around app engagement, KPI insights and GEO market specifics. On average, team members have more than five years of mobile performance experience either in their home country or working on an international scale.

      3. A consultative approach through the entire campaign cycle

We have a team of mobile experts who will offer a consultative approach, leading to several benefits:

  • Shorten the learning curve and save time: As a team, we not only bring value to our client’s overall app strategy. We also eliminate a lot of the work required for integration, acting as a one-stop shop for tapping several OEMs simultaneously. App marketing through OEMs goes beyond pre-installed apps and these new options combined require time and focus from marketers. Integrating each channel in-house can be very time-consuming, especially while marketers are also managing larger activity on Google and Facebook.

You can optimize campaigns with our platform towards your KPIs and gain insights from our team about opportunities to tap new inventory. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic created dramatic changes within the app market, affecting verticals in different ways. While some apps in travel and mobility dropped in activity, users rapidly adapted their usage to categories such as Delivery, Entertainment and Education. We have been able to consult clients about current trends, showing them what to expect based on the cases in our database. We have also become experts in promoting fintech apps for trading & cryptocurrency apps throughout this period and we also see an increasing number of Gaming clients running ads via OEMs.

  • A global team with a deep understanding of their local market: We have expanded customer service activities in GEOs such as India, SEA and Russia, so we are closer to our customers and provide better services. We offer timely support to clients and a fast return on advertiser requests, meaning your campaigns can go live sooner. We have a global team of mobile expertise who have a deep understanding of their local market and have connections to the top players in the industry. This is effective because we learn the business model of each advertiser.
  • A team equipped for specifics and knowledge in every store: We are constantly working to offer new possibilities and tools to target specific inventory. Our team is made up of mobile experts with backgrounds on the demand and supply side. This gives us a complete understanding of how to help our clients. Our team is also divided into vertical expertise to ensure customers have access to the best service possible.

We started from the ground to understand the nuances and benefits of app promotion, including alternative stores on top of Google Play and iTunes. This field is still untapped for most of the clients we partner with, presenting plenty of opportunities to acquire new customers at lower bids when compared to traditional channels. To ensure clients get the most out of alternative app stores, we are always open to guiding clients through each step to integrate their apps within these new placements.

       4. Comprehensive communication reporting

Avow is a pro-active, performance-based company that offers constant communication with clients about their campaigns and performance. Our team is equipped with several systems, including everything from MMP reports and analytics tools for app insights to weekly overviews for our clients. Our weekly reporting overviews include insights into overall quality, opportunities to scale and how to increase ROI. In addition to this, we offer quarterly reviews (QBRs) to screen end-to-end activity and performance. The value of running QBRs is to review the development of our key accounts and always bring insights and opportunities of new inventory to our clients. This helps customers find ways to reinvest and leverage new opportunities identified by our team.

        5. Build a long-term connection with our team

If a client has tested our platform and chooses to work with us after the testing period, it is common for them to stay long-term. We still have clients on the platform who joined since the very beginning of our journey – more than three years ago – as we continue to develop ways to scale their business and provide excellent customer service.

“AVOW became a strategic partner for AstraPay within weeks. By assessing untapped OEM channels and ad formats, they were able to drive incremental user acquisition on top of our existing marketing mix. Best of all, AVOW helped us achieve very healthy KPIs on engagement, with zero instances of ad fraud – a rarity in the region nowadays!”
Amar Ibrahim, VP of Marketing

AVOW is a leading app growth marketing company, specializing in OEM on-device user acquisition and advertising across alternative app stores. To learn more, get in touch with our team.

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