Why you should leverage alternative app stores to advertise your cryptocurrency trading app

The number of Blockchain.com wallets reached over 70 million users at the end of March 2021, showing an increase of  28.27 million wallets over the last year. Cryptocurrency apps have seen a meteoric rise in popularity, making it more important than ever to successfully target audiences and drive installs at a cost effective price. In this article, we cover how alternative app stores can be leveraged by cryptocurrency apps by tapping new audiences in a fraud-free ecosystem.

Restrictions on cryptocurrency trading apps by Google, Facebook and Apple

Compared to other fintech apps, Forex and cryptocurrency apps must adhere to many restrictions imposed by leading app stores and companies.

  • Google (Android): At the beginning of 2021, Google released a Developer Program Policy for Android that states “We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency.” 
  • Apple: Among other restrictions, the App Store Review Guidelines state that for Cryptocurrency mining “Apps may not mine for cryptocurrencies unless the processing is performed off device.” For example, this includes cloud-based mining. The guidelines also explain that “Apps may facilitate transactions or transmissions of cryptocurrency on an approved exchange, provided they are offered by the exchange itself.” Your app also cannot offer currency for completing tasks such as downloading partnered apps or posting on social networks.
  • Facebook: The social media giant’s Business Help Center explains that there are requirements for eligibility to advertise cryptocurrency services on the platform. Hardware/software for cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency trading platforms are allowed with permission, while token sales are not permitted. Facebook’s guidelines state that “Ads may not promote cryptocurrency trading or related products and services without prior written permission.

With such restrictions in place, many crypto companies do not have access to the largest mobile inventory in the world. If your company cannot meet these requirements, you are only left with mobile Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and affiliate marketing to advertise your app. However, these solutions present new issues. While DSPs are designed to automate the buying process, they are not immune to advertising fraud and not all publishers are testing their DSPs to identify fraud when it occurs. Affiliate marketing is also a popular marketing method, but it still offers limited reach and targeting capabilities in comparison to alternative app stores.

The advantages of OEM advertising solutions

OEMs, also known as alternative app stores, can help you reach untapped audiences with a safe alternative to the overcrowded GAFA app stores. Companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo and Oppo distribute apps directly to customers using their own independent stores. OEM and alternative app stores allow advertising of financial products that have certain certifications, allowing them to access an otherwise untapped inventory. OEM advertising provides sophisticated solutions for mobile financial products due to:

  • Specific targeting capabilities: OEMs are known for low CPIs and high engagement rates, but they also enable you to unlock incremental user growth. This is in addition to the targeting capabilities marketers expect from traditional app stores.
  • User level data: OEMs offer access to user level data while remaining GDPR compliant.
  • Worldwide Inventory: OEM inventory includes users from all over the globe, allowing you to target lookalike audiences in new regions and scale your business.
  • Ability to work on different campaign models: OEMs allow you to work on several campaign models, such as CPI (Cost per Install), CPR (Cost per Revenue) and CPA (Cost per Action) . Importantly, this enables trading apps to leverage CPR campaigns.
  • Safety due to non-fraudulent inventory: OEMs offer a fully fraud-free user-acquisition ecosystem because there are no additional layers between the budget holder and the OEM. Moreover, reach advertising placement is fully controlled by the OEM.

How AVOW can help

You can leverage the benefits of alternative app stores with AVOW, which has partnered with OEMs across the globe and covers 42% of the global Android market. We help clients get listed on alternative app stores with a consultative approach and provide assistance through the entire campaign cycle. This enables you to increase your reach and benefit from new revenue streams. You can also benefit from AVOW Performance Optimizer (APO), an in-house solution which optimizes all OEM on-device inventory in real time. APO optimizes the best inventory towards KPI goals and engagement levels, pushing performance campaigns to increase ROAS. To learn more, read what AVOW clients have to say about using alternative app stores’ inventory.


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