By now everyone should be familiar with what Dynamic Preloads are. To the uninitiated, it refers to the out-of-box experience (OOBE). What is that? That is the user experience when a new phone is taken out of its box and powered on for the first time. Dynamic Preloads is part of this OOBE, and is the first touchpoint between users and a mobile app or game. When a user powers on their phone and is in the midst of setting it up, they get recommended certain apps or games to install as part of the setup process. Once users have made their choice, these apps/games are then installed directly from the Google Play Store via Google Play Auto Install (Google PAI). All of this happens seamlessly and with as little intrusion as possible into the user experience.

Why are Dynamic Preloads Important


Dynamic Preloads is the first chance for your mobile game to make a good first impression with users, and the statistics prove it. 32% of users who install games via this method regularly interact with and engage with the game, as compared to 14% of users who install mobile games via traditional means. In other words, users are over 2 times more likely to not just play your game, but keep playing it over the weeks and months after installing it via Dynamic Preloads. There are several reasons for why this is so.

  • Offers the user choice and the ability to opt in to installing games which they like, thereby increasing the likelihood of them engaging with the game long-term. 
  • Another major reason is the trust that mobile OEMs hold with their users. When users see an app being recommended by the mobile OEM, they trust that those recommendations are good and for high quality games. This Trust is also what makes this dynamic strategy so powerful for user acquisition.


Illustration of a person engaged in exciting online gameplay on a mobile app, representing the dynamic user acquisition experience in mobile gaming


Dynamic Preloads: Some Relevant Statistics


  • Dynamic Preloads have become such a mainstay for some of our gaming clients that on average, 75% of all their advertising budget is spent on Dynamic Preloads due to how effective they have been in acquiring new and engaged users
  • The return on ad spend (ROAS) is enormous, with it ranging anywhere between 8% to a whopping 95%
  • 4 mobile OEMs currently offer Dynamic Preloads as part of their portfolio

The 4 mobile Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs):

  • Xiaomi
  • OPPO
  • Vivo
  • Transsion

The World of Mobile Gaming


Mobile gaming is huge. More than huge in fact. It is estimated to be worth US$286 billion in 2023. But what is it worth in individual regions?

  • Mobile Gaming in Asia is worth a staggering US$98.32 billion
  • That number in EMEA is US$17 billion
    • MENA accounts for US$4.4 billion
    • Africa accounts for US$1.55 billion

To put things into perspective, mobile gaming revenue is worth half of the entire gaming sector. The average revenue per user (ARPU) is also high, standing at US$150. For an even greater perspective, both the global box office and the global music industry combined are only a tenth of that of mobile gaming revenue.


Mobile Gaming: Some Relevant Statistics


Asia’s mobile gaming scene is on fire, with an average revenue per user of almost 90 USD and a staggering 1.33 billion players. Females account for 39% of all mobile game revenues, showing significant engagement in this space. In-app purchases are popular among both genders with one out of four male gamers and one out of five female gamers spending money on them.

  • In Asia, the ARPU is $86.97
  • Asia boasts a massive gaming population of 1.33 billion gamers
  • Female gamers account for 39% of all mobile gaming revenues
  • When it comes to in-app purchases (IAP) in games
    • 1 in 4 male gamers spend money on gaming IAP
    • 1 in 5 female gamers spend money on gaming IAP

Dynamic Preloads and Mobile Gaming: A Match Made in Heaven


In such a lucrative industry, competition for users and their dollars is fierce. That is where Dynamic Preloads come in, acting as a power-up to your gaming user acquisition efforts. It’s an evolution in mobile user acquisition, combining ease of use for the users, with ease of setup for developers looking to take advantage of it. And with the right partner and mobile OEMs in tow, game developers can take their user acquisition to a whole other stratosphere.

The statistics and numbers presented here are merely a sampling of the data and insights we have garnered through our years as one of the leading mobile user acquisition specialists. To fully understand the power of Dynamic Preloads with mobile gaming, download our free guide here, and learn all you need to know.

If you’re ready to enhance your mobile user acquisition strategy add Dynamic Preloads to your marketing mix, contact us today to get your game into the hands of an untapped global audience.