AVOW has named Melissa Bohlsen as its new Chief Marketing Officer. 


Melissa will lead AVOW’s marketing team, bringing over 15 years of experience in the mobile industry. Formerly the Vice President of Marketing at Adjust, Melissa played a significant role before its acquisition for a monumental $1 billion in 2021, Melissa’s strategic prowess extends beyond Adjust to her role devising digital strategies for BCG Digital Ventures, Boston Consulting Group’s dedicated business-building arm in Germany. During her noteworthy stint as Global Marketing Director for Glispa, Melissa contributed to the company’s prominent rise in the mobile marketing landscape, attracting industry attention and resulting in a substantial $100 million acquisition in 2015. 


Melissa Bohlsen: CMO Guides AVOW.


When given the opportunity to become the new CMO at AVOW, Melissa didn’t hesitate for a second: “I’ve always admired AVOW’s pioneering approach in mobile advertising. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with their growth ethos and dedication to innovation, makes this an incredibly exciting journey that I am thrilled to be a part of.”


Robert Wildner, AVOW’s co-founder and CEO, is equally excited about Melissa coming on board and the many doors her experience will open. “Having Melissa join our team is a significant milestone for AVOW,” he says. “As we prepare for our next phase, her leadership skills and expertise in mobile marketing will be invaluable. With her at the helm, I am confident that we will not only continue our growth trajectory but also set new industry benchmarks.”


Melissa Bohlsen taking on the role of AVOW’s new Chief Marketing Officer couldn’t have happened at a more important time in the ever-shifting mobile space. With Melissa leading the way, drawing on her extensive experience, AVOW is ready to navigate the evolving landscape and thrive, especially with upcoming regulatory changes like the Digital Markets Act where AVOW offers strategic alternatives for app developers and mobile marketers looking for greater reach and more independence.