OEM Marketing

What is OEM Marketing?

With OEM Marketing, advertisers can promote apps directly on the OEMs’ dedicated app stores  or directly on the OEM devices through partners such as AVOW. Reaching the user in a specific moment enables specific user targeting based on device mode, geographic data, age and gender of entry, without infringing the users data privacy.

Why is OEM Marketing important?

OEM marketing feels native, organic and high value, rather than interruptive. Subsequently, it means that the user that chose to download the mobile app is likely to be a long-term user. There are four key ways in which OEM marketing offers a competitive advantage to other methods: Global scale growth possibility by reaching untapped audiences and new markets, Higher user acquisition at a lower CPI, fraud-free ecosystem because there aren’t additional layers between the budget holder and the OEM and most importantly reach advertising is fully controlled by the OEM. Last but not least, OEM marketing is a smart way to build trust with audiences who are brand-loyal to an OEM.


Partners like AVOW offer an individual marketing experience with OEMs. Through AVOW, the OEMs also have deep data insights access to continued improvement on user engagement and reduction of churn rate.