Journey Map

What is Journey Map?

A journey map is a visual help of the process that an individual goes through in order to accomplish a goal. In the most basic form, the building of a Journey Map starts by gathering a series of user actions into a schedule. Next, the timeline is worked on with user thoughts and feelings in order to create a narrative. This is then mixed and polished, leading to a visualization.

Why is Journey Map important?

There is more than one benefit to the Journey Maps. First, this process enforces conversation and an aligned mental model for the whole team. This common vision is a critical aim of the Journey Map, because, when not used, an agreement on how to improve customer experience would probably never happen.

In second place, the results of a Journey Map can be used to announce an understanding of the user/ service to all the people involved in the project. They are effective mechanisms for transferring information in a way that is impressive, compact, and creates a mutual vision. The Journey Maps can easily become the basis to make important decisions as the project moves forward.