Welcome to the exciting world of AVOW’s “Learn and Connect” live education sessions! “Learn and Connect” is an initiative started by AVOW in the latter half of 2023 to educate and bring attention to the wonders, benefits and use cases of mobile OEM advertising and their owned app stores (alternative app stores). These mobile advertising education sessions, available as both in-person gatherings, like those hosted in London, and as online webinar-style events, offer a dynamic platform for interactive learning and professional growth.

Our first in-person “Learn and Connect” session was held in London in November 2023,  together with Appsflyer and our esteemed OEM partners Xiaomi and Oppo, who flew in from China just to be at the event.

An Interactive Learning Environment

Learning does not have to be static. Our “Learn and Connect” sessions stand out due to their interactive learning environment. Here, real-time engagement with expert instructors isn’t just a benefit—it’s a cornerstone. Participants are immersed in a setting where live interaction fosters a deeper understanding and a more engaging educational experience. From holding roundtable discussions on a variety of topics, to holding Q&A sessions, we ensure that you are learning what benefits you the most. 

What Can You Expect to learn?

These sessions cover a diverse array of mobile advertising education topics, including

  • Insights into AVOW itself
  • The inner workings of mobile OEMs
  • Advertising and marketing opportunities with mobile OEMs
  • Strategies for alternative app stores
  • Innovative advertising methods and formats on alternative app stores
  • Trends and innovations in the mobile advertising industry

This versatility and topical diversity ensures that regardless of your goals, you’ll find content relevant to your needs.

Expert Instructors and Facilitators

The mobile advertising education sessions are led by expert instructors and facilitators, often in partnership with industry leaders. These professionals are not just knowledgeable but are passionate about sharing their insights. The quality and relevance of the information provided are always at the forefront, ensuring that participants gain valuable knowledge applicable to their fields.

AVOW CEO Robert Wildner, CRO Ashwin Shekhar and VP of Client strategy Guenole Le Gall usually headline these sessions, with a smattering of other industry leaders within mobile OEMs and Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs) rounding off the lineup. Between them, they cover the length and breadth of knowledge and experience, covering everything from an industry, client and advertising perspective. 

Networking Opportunities

“Learn and Connect”, as the name suggests,  isn’t just about learning; it’s also about building connections. These sessions offer invaluable networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals and exchange ideas. Whether it’s through partnerships or peer interactions, the emphasis is on building a strong, professional network. With our mobile OEM partners, MMP partners and other industry leaders in tow, the opportunities to network, share ideas and to grow are vast. One unique aspect of the networking opportunities present during these sessions are the fact that every single person attending has come with the same goal in mind. This almost curated environment is ripe for not just any networking, but for the right kind of networking to take place, full of purpose and a shared vision. 

Go Live or Go Virtual

The flexibility in being able to have these mobile advertising education sessions as either live or virtual sessions allows us to maximize who gets to participate in these and where and when they can be held.

Virtual Sessions

The virtual format of “Learn and Connect” provides the flexibility to attend sessions from various locations, making it accessible to a global audience. This format ensures that no matter where you are, you can be a part of this enriching experience. These 60 minute virtual sessions are usually held as a webinar, with multiple presenters and a robust Q&A session and discussion held after the presentations are done.

Live Sessions

The London Edition, held in 2023, serves as a perfect example of the live experience. These all morning sessions offer the added benefit of face-to-face interactions, creating a more personal and impactful learning environment. Co-hosted along with Appsflyer, one of the top MMPs with whom we are a premier solutions partner with, and together with top mobile OEM representatives from Xiaomi and Oppo, the London edition of “Learn and Connect” stayed true to its name.

In Summary

AVOW’s “Learn and Connect” mobile advertising education sessions are more than just educational events; they’re opportunities for professional and personal growth. By combining

  • A range of diverse topics in the mobile OEM advertising and marketing space,
  • Expert instructors,
  • An interactive and engaging learning environment,
  • Robust networking opportunities,
  • And the flexibility of conducting these sessions either virtually or in-person,  

These sessions offer a holistic approach to learning and professional development that should not be missed.


Eager to be a part of this transformative experience and think you or your company could benefit from one of these sessions? Stay tuned to our website and Linkedin page for our upcoming live sessions, or contact us to book your very own session. We are always open to collaborations and co-hosting.  Embark on your journey of continuous learning and growth with AVOW’s “Learn and Connect”!