In our next exclusive interview of the “Meet the A-Team” series, we talk to Bruno Lucas, our Associate Director of Media Partnerships, who shares his adventures, experiences, and all the good things to come in the next year – particularly the music he is working on!

Tell us about your background and what landed you at AVOW.

I started my journey in performance marketing back in 2014. Since then, I have worked for five companies in two countries while accumulating around eight years of experience in the mobile industry. 

I joined AVOW in March 2020. I had met the company founders in the past, and we had several chats about what they had been building, and the opportunity to come in at such an early stage sounded very exciting.  

What made my joining quite “unique” was that, at that point, COVID-19 had just got quite critical in Germany, and the first lockdown kicked in exactly on my second week on the job. From then on, we moved to work from home for the next six months, and we pretty much reinvented the whole flow of communication. Looking back, it amazes me that I had not met most of my colleagues face-to-face until so much later, but somehow the connection was very good and natural that I felt at home and more than a part of our fantastic A-Team in my first month.

What is your experience working in a diverse team that caters to many markets?

It feels great to be part of such a diverse environment. Learning bits from each other in every circumstance and opportunity is highly productive.

The performance marketing  industry is already global by default. Once you get the chance to share the same space to execute projects and initiatives with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds, it becomes a unique experience that only some get the opportunity to have. 

Bruno Lucas

What’s something that you experienced that can only happen here?

By the time I joined AVOW, I had been working on the supply side of performance marketing for many years, managing and growing Media Partnerships. At this point, I was pretty much convinced that I knew most of the names and faces in the market, the best practices, and the ideal workflows.

However, during my time here, and as our business has evolved into something much more unique by moving into mobile OEM advertising, it feels like a brand new world has opened for me. I have managed to find a new learning curve that I thought was impossible three years ago.

AVOW has a unique way of leadership that inspires me every day. There are no wrong questions inside the team, and we have a hands-on approach in everything we do.

Brainstorming is a part of our day-to-day, and everything feels natural. All team members feel comfortable and participate in the decision-making process and strategy during our meetings and get-togethers. Thanks to a very transparent open-door culture which makes all of this possible. We foster an environment where everyone feels an integral part of the puzzle.

Share three things that inspire you to do better every day.

  • Transparency – Nothing makes our relationship with clients and team members grow stronger than working with complete transparency and honesty. In such a competitive environment where many variables can affect the results, it is essential to manage and make way for clear expectations about what’s needed and be realistic regarding goals and outcomes.
  • Be open to new ideas and approaches  – Testing new things is the essence of our business. You can only achieve solid results if you are open-minded and willing to try to do things in different ways. Nothing makes me happier than trying and succeeding in a way that was not precisely PLAN A.
  • Celebrate every day – Good days make you feel amazing and happy, but bad days should also be a part of the game because challenges will always tag along. I concentrate on the next day in a dynamic environment where everything can change at any time. Seeing solutions that can strike your head spontaneously when you are fresh the following day is impressive.

Bruno Lucas

Is there anything you plan to do for the first time in your life? 

Music is one of my biggest passions and lately, I’ve worked on a few compositions and ideas, which I have recorded in my home studio for quite some time now. I will compile it all together in 2023 and (maybe) keep this accessible for anyone interested in listening and interacting. So stay tuned for some great tunes from yours truly, coming very soon! 


Bruno Lucas