Introducing AVOW’s New VP of Client Strategy: Guenole Le Gall!

Guenole Le Gall has recently joined the AVOW team as the Vice President of Client Strategy, boasting an impressive track record of over two decades in the dynamic realm of mobile advertising.

Guenole’s illustrious career includes founding Aiizo and holding leadership positions at Digital Turbine, Tempr, Mozoo Group, and others. His strategic acumen and international experience in sales, customer success, and partnership management make him a valuable addition to AVOW’s leadership team.

In his new capacity as Vice President of Client Strategy, Guenole Le Gall is poised to lead AVOW’s endeavors in elevating client satisfaction and fostering robust revenue growth. At the helm of the Client Services team, his mission is to provide clients with comprehensive support throughout their mobile business journey. From the initial stages of app launches to navigating the intricacies of mobile OEM advertising and optimizing user acquisition campaigns, Guenole’s strategic vision will drive success for AVOW’s clientele.


AVOW Bolsters Leadership Team with Guenole Le Gall as Vice President of Client Strategy

Remarks from AVOW’s CEO Robert Wildner and Guenole Le Gall:

Robert Wildner, AVOW’s CEO, expresses his enthusiasm for Guenole’s appointment, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Guenole Le Gall to our leadership team. His extensive experience and expertise in mobile advertising and digital marketing align perfectly with AVOW’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients. Guenole’s impressive background positions him as a cornerstone in our journey to transform our client strategy and maintain leadership in mobile OEM advertising.”

Guénole is equally enthusiastic about his new role, remarking, “I’m honored to join AVOW and excited to deliver exceptional value to our clients and partners by leveraging my extensive network, knowledge, and global market experience. With our talented team, I’m confident we’ll continue to lead and evolve the industry.”

Guenole Le Gall’s arrival marks a pivotal moment for AVOW, bolstering its leadership team alongside the recent addition of Melissa Bohlsen as CMO. AVOW’s leadership team is now poised to fortify its client-centric approach and sustain its leadership position, driving success for clients and partners alike in the rapidly evolving mobile advertising landscape.

Welcome to AVOW, Guenole!