We are thrilled to announce that AVOW has been recognized as “OPPO Ads Strategic Agency 2022”, for its unparalleled contribution to OPPO’s increasing presence and growth in the mobile advertising industry in Europe.

The ceremony took place during the visit of the OPPO Ads team, which included Germany, Spain, France and Sweden, and where they introduced their 2023 roadmap, including the enhancement to their ad solutions portfolio.

AVOW was handed the prestigious recognition from Colin Wei, Global Monetization Manager, responsible for OPPO, realme and OnePlus global traffic commercialization. When presenting the award, Colin said: 

“We are very pleased with the work we have been doing with AVOW this year, and consider them an important partner for the growth and success of OPPO Ads in the European market. We have great plans for this upcoming year, and we look forward to continuing growing this joint partnership and working closely together offering our unique advertising solutions.”

While acknowledging the award, Robert Wildner, CEO & Co-founder of AVOW, said:

“We are more than proud to achieve this recognition from  OPPO, and even happier to be among the first to receive it. In tight collaboration with the OPPO team, we have been able to empower our European clients to reach their acquisition and business goals.“

Photo: The OPPO Ads & AVOW’s teams during their visit to in Berlin