Taking App Distribution to New Heights: An Interview with Michael Hudson, CEO of KYLN


In this exclusive interview with Michael Hudson, CEO of KYLN we discuss the game-changing news of KYLN joining forces with AVOW. This strategic collaboration empowers mobile app developers and publishers with a streamlined solution to combine app distribution and user acquisition to conquer the mobile OEM and alternative app store landscape. Let’s hear from Mike himself about the potential this collaboration unlocks:

How do you feel about joining forces with AVOW?

Excited! AVOW has proven itself as the agency and expert to work with when it comes to mobile OEM and Alternative App Store space, so it’s extremely exciting that the rest of the core GameBake team has the opportunity to work as close partners with the entire AVOW team.

Joining forces between AVOW and KYLN – what do you think sets us apart from others in the industry?

That it works. What GameBake had was amazing technology and a solid vision for the future, but it was missing something and that something was AVOW. With AVOW’s experience, knowledge, and expertise I really believe that KYLN has everything it needs to show the industry that not only is the “Alternative” market full of big opportunities, but you can take advantage of these opportunities without needing to invest huge amounts of time, resources and cash to get there.

With KYLN’s platform and AVOW’s UA expertise, we are set up for great things and that is why I wanted to pursue this. AVOW’s involvement is what was needed to take things to the next level, and that is what I’m focused on achieving now.


KYLN CEO Michael Hudson (centre back) with Team AVOW and KYLN Management, Berlin, May 2024. 

How do you envision KYLN in a close loop with AVOW benefiting developers and clients?

The issue for the alternative app stores market is how tricky it is to deploy to these stores and manage the day-to-day tasks required to scale successfully in this market and run a meaningful, profitable, and scalable UA. With KYLN and AVOW, this is no longer a problem for developers and publishers globally.

By simply connecting and uploading to the KYLN platform, developers and publishers globally can easily take advantage of the opportunities the Alternative Mobile OEM and Independent App Stores can provide, and with AVOW connected to KYLN’s platform, being able to connect with the UA expertise within this space and easily set up campaigns that can scale, profitably, it means the industry finally has a platform and a package that works for them. Easy deployment, scalable UA, and full transparency.

What excites you most about the future and teaming up with AVOW?

The growth potential for us all, and I don’t just mean KYLN & AVOW, I truly mean for us all. Alternative distribution is only going to grow through 2024 and beyond, and that is going to create more complexities for dev teams, marketing teams, and monetization teams globally. Therefore, a single point of contact for developers and publishers to be able to take advantage of these amazing opportunities is only going to help them grow their businesses.

Growth is good, but growth for everyone is something we should strive for. The more KYLN can do to help the industry grow, and developers and publishers globally excel, the better we all do in the end.


AVOW's CEO Robert Wildner sealing the deal with KYLN CEO Michael Hudson
AVOW CEO Robert Wildner with KYLN CEO Michael Hudson

Any final thoughts you’d like to share with developers or clients?

Mostly to explore with us what was previously difficult too. The mobile OEM and overall Alternative market has been somewhat of a black box for years now and I want KYLN to open this up and shed some light on what has been a difficult-to-understand segment of the market. Today, both KYLN and AVOW are together working hard to open the industry’s eyes to the real opportunity that exists here and doing that in a transparent way because the more we all know and understand, the greater the opportunities for us all to take advantage of. Let’s talk about distribution! 


KYLN simplifies the process for game developers, allowing them to unlock a wider audience with effortless distribution. Visit KYLN.co and reach more users today!


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