In this installment of “Meet the A-team,” we’re thrilled to spotlight Viorel Cojocari, Director of Business Development at AVOW. Viorel shares his journey to joining AVOW, his role in driving our expansion, and how our company culture has fueled his professional and personal growth.


What motivated you to join AVOW?

Life has a unique way of steering us towards unforeseen opportunities that align with our plans. In my previous role, I was performing well but was looking for a change that would allow me to relocate and settle down in France. This required a remote position in an international company. My initial discussions with AVOW were incredibly positive; I was impressed by the team’s professionalism and warmth. This made my decision to join the company an easy one.


What personal values or traits have most contributed to your success in driving AVOW’s expansion?

I consider myself fortunate, as luck has certainly played a role in my success. However, key traits such as determination, hard work, analytical skills, and dedication are also vital. These aren’t just the qualities I humbly believe I possess, but are present throughout our team. Additionally, AVOW’s culture of humility and openness to new ideas encourages personal and professional growth, allowing us to experiment and learn from each trial.


Can you share an instance where AVOW’s collaborative culture positively impacted a project you were involved in?

Certainly! One notable instance was when we secured one of our biggest clients, a feat that would have been challenging without our exceptional team collaboration. Our legal, sales, and marketing teams worked seamlessly together, embodying our philosophy that teamwork makes the dream work. This collaborative approach has led to many of our achievements.


Describe your typical day at AVOW.

My day begins with strategic planning, a crucial skill that sets the tone for effective management and collaboration. My activities range from sales to partnerships and team management. Ensuring a well-planned day is fundamental for our sales team to prioritize and execute our objectives successfully.


Beyond your professional life, what are your personal passions or hobbies?

Post-work, I’m committed to a structured schedule filled with activities. I spend an hour each day learning French, which helps me integrate better into life in France. Additionally, I dedicate time to reading about new business approaches and partake in physical activities like running, gym workouts, swimming, and meditation. This disciplined approach keeps me both motivated and fulfilled.


How has working at AVOW influenced your personal development?

Working in a multicultural environment like AVOW enhances my understanding and patience, essential qualities in our diverse workspace. Interacting with people from various backgrounds, such as Brazil and Germany, has taught me to be flexible with my expectations and approach, aiding in my consideration for both the work and people, and embracing cultural differences.