Can you tell us about your journey leading up to your current role in the company?

My Journey with AVOW started in March 2021, when I joined as a Client Strategy Manager for the Indian market. I took on the challenge of being the first person to operate as a CSM remotely. As I grew into the role, I was afforded the opportunity to grow and take on accounts outside of the Indian market, and began working on accounts in Southeast Asia. With that came the opportunity to work alongside and guide new CSMs in the APAC region on the whole. As AVOW grew, so did the team and AVOW’s trust in me, and my manager and I soon found ourselves fleshing out our work and building even more relations in the region. Now here we are, over 2 years later, and I have grown into the role of leading the entire team of APAC CSMs. This has culminated with my recent promotion to Associate Director of Client Strategy for APAC, cementing the faith and trust AVOW has put into me. One of the AVOW core values of fostering a positive team and family spirit has served me well in this journey, and I will continue to abide by those values.


How do you stay motivated and focused in your work, particularly during challenging times?

Two words. Trust and accountability. And they both go hand in hand. Unsurprisingly, another one of our core values is to build trust through transparency. AVOW placed their trust in me and have always supported me throughout my time here. In return, I make sure to be accountable for my decisions and my actions, during both good and challenging times. Accountability isn’t simply owning up to mistakes if and when they happen, but also taking ownership of my successes. This system gives me the confidence to take risks and to lead my team further, and it is this autonomy and trust that motivates me and keeps me focused.



Can you describe a project or task that you are particularly proud of and explain your role in its success?

I am particularly proud of our work on the RMG-IPL strategy which we crafted for a well known brand in the market. I lead the creation of a dedicated task force, ensuring no gaps with all time zones covered for the execution of our strategy. As a result of all this hard work, not just from me but from the team as a whole, this quickly became one of AVOW’s biggest accounts.


Can you share with us any advice you would give to someone looking to start a career in your field?

I would advise anyone interested in this field that the 3 key things they need to learn are to take calculated risks, be accountable, and that data is your friend, not your foe. All 3 of these concepts are in one way or the other intertwined, and only by doing all 3 successfully can one really thrive in this role. Taking calculated risks requires a good understanding of the data, and for you to be trusted to take those risks, you need to be accountable if those risks don’t pan out the way you had hoped. Always remember that risk and reward are directly correlated, and that you should always have an eye on both to be successful in this field.



Outside of work, what are you passionate about?

Outside of my work and team my passions are photography, traveling and gaming. Traveling lets me see the world, experience new cultures and cuisines and to meet new people. Photography allows me to immortalize those experiences into moments I can capture and share with others. When I am not out and about, I am still exploring new lands through video games. I play some of the more popular games out there, like Call of Duty, and gaming is a welcome reprieve for me from the hustle and bustle of daily life and work. I also dabble in cooking from time to time, and have shared my cooking with my colleagues in the office. I am glad to say that reviews from them have been positive, and I am looking forward to trying out more recipes in the future.