In short, what is your job all about here at AVOW?

Being an Associate Director of Media Partnerships, my job is to work on a daily basis with key partners of AVOW, including reputable OEMs and highly ranked app developers while ensuring our clients’ campaigns run smoothly and efficiently, achieving all targets and KPIs. Of course, internally, the major goal is to analyze and optimize the campaigns running with our partners, but also to make sure I exhaust every opportunity to increase AVOW’s revenues, ensure smoother operations, establish long-term partnerships and actively participate in the company’s growth.

Alexandros Drakoulis

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right choice to work at AVOW?

I have to admit that once I joined AVOW, things were in a very early stage in most aspects and there was a lot of work to be done, in order to be where we are right now. Despite organizational, strategy, and company-related topics which needed to be addressed, on my end task number one was to create a strong Supply side. So, once we established relationships with partners like VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei, and other key partners of ours, I knew I was in the right place.

What are you most proud of? 

I am very proud to have beaten every single member of the team in FIFA 😉 Now joke aside, I actually take a lot of pride in my journey at AVOW. The founders trusted me since day one and gave me all the space and freedom to work the way I wanted to achieve growth. This is now depicted in my position in the company, the gravity of my opinion in business decisions for AVOW, as well as the financial gains of the company based on my efforts.

If you’d like to share something motivational that helps you get up in the morning for everyday hustle, what would that be? 

I am a very result-oriented person and strive to see growth in any aspect. So regardless of whether the growth comes in the form of higher revenues than the previous day or a new collaboration with high potential or a good negotiation that would give us leverage in any form, I am all in for these moments. Waking up every morning – my biggest motivation is to achieve such “small wins” to push me forward. My advice, therefore, is to aim for these small wins which will keep you in the zone to push yourself every day. 

Tell us about your best day at work.

One of my best days at work has without a doubt been the May of last year when we witnessed the highest ever spike in the daily revenue since AVOW’s inception in 2018. I actively contributed to this growth and was responsible for some of the critical projects that led to our successful trajectory. Till this happens again, I really enjoy it when I visit the team in Berlin and spend the whole day with them. I am almost 8 months now fully remote and I truly miss being around them.

What’s the one thing you’d like to do this year that you’ve never done before?

You are unfortunately late, I have done it already! I always wanted to ride my motorbike on a racing track and two weeks back I actually rode it on both Nürburgring tracks, Nordschleife and Grand Prix. It was an amazing experience and would definitely recommend it to any petrolhead like me out there.

Alexandros Drakoulis

Can you share three big inspirations that have helped you grow within the company? 

I’ll just stick to one. Robert Wildner is actually an inspiration for me within the company. I truly admire his knowledge and the way he is tackling challenges. Robert and I are very much like-minded in the ways we think, process, and execute actions. Therefore I see a lot of similarities, but of course, I acknowledge the fact that he has double the experience I do. There is a saying for leaders going like “ leading by example” so right now in my case I am just “following by example”, the example that Robert sets.