Welcome to AVOW’s Dynamic Preloads and Mobile Gaming guide. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about Dynamic Preloads, including our own in-house data, and will dive into into some mobile gaming insights as well.

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What are Mobile OEMs

Mobile original equipment manufacturers, commonly known as “mobile OEMs,” form the cornerstone of the global smartphone ecosystem. They are the entities and brands that conceptualize, design, produce, and distribute the majority of smartphones across the globe.

These renowned names each contribute to the diverse and dynamic range of mobile devices available to consumers. Their innovations and technologies shape user experiences as well as the functionalities that we encounter in our daily engagements with mobile devices.


Software, Not Just Hardware

The realm of mobile OEMs, however, extends far beyond hardware creation. In fact, it also encompasses the very software ecosystem that defines the operative core of contemporary mobile devices, which is composed of launchers, native apps, OEM-owned app stores, and advertising platforms. If unfamiliar, here’s a breakdown of what constitutes each of these:


The multifaceted approach of mobile OEMs in integrating both hardware and software creates a holistic ecosystem that shapes the way users perceive, interact, and benefit from mobile devices, particularly in the booming sector of mobile gaming. This symbiotic relationship between hardware and software is pivotal, as it defines the optimization, performance, and user experience – things that every gamer seeks in a gaming-centric mobile device. With their continuous innovations and enhancements, mobile OEMs play an indispensable role in elevating the mobile gaming experience to new horizons, offering a plethora of options and possibilities to gaming enthusiasts worldwide.


What are Dynamic Preloads

Dynamic Preloads represent a sophisticated and user-centric feature exclusive to mobile OEMs. In a nutshell, they are designed to enhance user experience and facilitate seamless app integrations. Essentially, Dynamic Preloads, also known as the “out of box experience” (OOBE), allow apps to be prominently displayed and recommended to users during the initial setup of their smartphones. By employing Dynamic Preloads, app developers can have their app presented to millions of potential news users. Moreover, with a simple opt-in by the user, the latest version of the app is installed from the Google Play Store, ready to be used on the phone after setup.

Typical user flow of Dynamic Preloads

To put it simply, Dynamic Preloads allow app developers and brands to gain visibility and prominence right from the moment a user starts interacting with their new device. This strategic placement therefore leads to increased  user acquisition and app downloads by capitalizing on a user’s initial engagement and curiosity. 

Dynamic Preloads are a strategic means for developers to showcase their apps, ensuring that they stand out in the crowded app marketplace, and reach the users who are most likely to find value in them.

Mobile OEMs on the Global Stage

AVOW’s mobile OEM partners cover a majority of the global smartphone market. As of Q3 2023, AVOW works with 4 of the top 6 mobile OEMs in the world. These include:


These 4 mobile OEMs alone cover 53% of the global Android smartphone market.  This makes these OEMs and Dynamic Preloads an effective and premium user acquisition channel. 


Mobile OEMs and Gaming

We have seen just how popular mobile OEMs are on the global stage. But many may not be aware of just how important mobile gaming is to these OEMs, and just how they have  been weaved into the fabric of these mobile OEMs and their offerings.

Mobile OEMs and Gaming – Exclusive Partnerships

Just how have mobile OEMs embraced mobile gaming and gaming as a whole? Let’s take a look.

Mobile OEMs and Gaming – Focus on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

The relationship between mobile OEMs and the gaming industry is becoming more harmonious and transformative, paving the way for enhanced user experiences and reshaping market dynamics. The Redmi Note 10 series is a testament to this evolving synergy. The mobile device exemplifies the interplay between gaming-centric features and hardware sales, especially in thriving gaming markets such as China and India. Here, we distill the essence of this dynamic interaction and its resultant market impact.

As the success of the Redmi Note 10 series demonstrates, this collaboration between mobile OEMs and the gaming sector signifies a new era where innovative, accessible, and gaming-optimized devices are redefining consumer preferences and the industry in general. Moreover, while elevating the reach and growth of mobile gaming across various consumer segments, this cross-market partnership also typifies the revolutionary effect that thoughtful hardware design and strategic gaming integrations can exert on each other and the broader mobile ecosystem.


Just How Effective are Dynamic Preloads?

So now you know what Dynamic Preloads are, and how effective they theoretically can be with mobile OEMs who capture such a large global user base, and who take mobile gaming so seriously. But just how effective are they in the real world? We take a look at some proprietary AVOW data from a sampling of our gaming clients, to show you just how effective it can be.


Tracking Campaigns – MMPs and Dynamic Preloads

With mobile marketing’s increasing complexities comes a greater need to measure and attribute marketing efforts to the correct sources and actions. This is where Mobile Measurement Partner (MMPs)  come in handy.

What is an MMP?

An MMP helps attribute, collect, and organize app data to deliver an overview of a brand’s campaign performance. The primary objective of an MMP is to identify and credit the marketing sources that facilitate user conversions. Some examples of MMPs include:

MMPs and Mobile OEMs

MMPs are integrated into  the mobile OEM system to ensure accurate measurement and attribution. As with any other mainstream premium channel, they measure everything related to a campaign, from performance to pay-outs, providing clear and objective data. And with the deprecation of the Google tracking ID, mobile OEMs are developing their own means of tracking similar to that of Google Advertising ID (GAID) and the Open Anonymous Device Identifier (OAID) introduced by China’s Mobile Security Alliance (MSA). Once complete, MMPs will then be able to integrate and track with even more freedom, which in turn will provide AVOW with more insight into the user and advertising journey.

MMPs and Dynamic Preloads: A (Semi) Technical Breakdown

With an MMP integrated into the flow of mobile OEMs and Dynamic Preloads , it allows mobile OEMs to measure the installation and activation of apps on new devices. Here’s how the typical process works: 


Game developers shouldn’t be daunted by this process. The AVOW team are experts in such technical integrations, and will look after them for you. Indeed, AVOW’s partnerships extend beyond OEMs and into MMPs as well, and all major OEMS and MMPs are integrated from the outset, allowing for seamless integration and flawless tracking. MMPs assist in tracking user interactions from initial ad exposure to final conversion, offering an end-to-end view of the marketing funnel.

By partnering with MMPs, AVOW has unique access to comprehensive data into the customer journey, including the touchpoints that drive conversions and user behavior patterns. But simply having data isn’t enough. Knowing which data to use and how to analyze them is just as important, and this is where we come in. We analyze this data through AVOW Intelligence, our proprietary technology, to gather our insights and further optimize our clients’ campaigns.

Benefits of Dynamic Preloads

Dynamic Preloads boast a whole host of benefits not seen in more traditional user acquisition channels. Here we present 7 of the most consequential benefits to mobile marketers.

Most Importantly…



While there is still  a place for factory preloads in this new mobile marketing landscape, Dynamic Preloads represents an evolution in user acquisition, marrying ease of use with on-demand availability for both marketers and users alike.

Dynamic Preloads and Mobile OEMs – Gaming Hardware


As stated previously, mobile OEMs take gaming seriously, and that extends to dedicated gaming hardware as well. Below are some recent examples of these innovations from AVOW’s mobile OEM partners.


Release of Themed, Gaming, or Special Edition Phones

Mobile OEMs are continuously innovating by releasing themed, gaming, or special edition phones. These devices are technologically advanced and meticulously designed, so as to resonate with specific themes or concepts, appealing to consumers’ diverse tastes and preferences. Such editions bring a unique and personalized touch to the mobile experience, enabling users to express their interests and preferences through their devices.

Catering to Specific Audiences or Interest Groups

These specially themed phones are strategically designed to cater to specific audiences or interest groups. By aligning the design and features of the phone with the interests and preferences of particular consumer segments, mobile OEMs can create a more tailored and engaging user experience. This strategy also allows brands to strengthen their connection with consumers by aligning with their passions and lifestyles.

Targeted Dynamic Preloads for Similar Interest Groups

Dynamic Preloads offer an efficient way for game developers to reach the specific interest groups that their games wish to target. Should a game fit in with the interests or themes of a special edition phone, Dynamic Preloads ensures that the game is the first recommendation users see when they power up their phone for the first time. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of the game being downloaded and played, as it satisfies the users’ established interests and preferences.

Targeting Fantasy Game Enthusiasts with Dynamic Preloads: An Example

For instance, if a developer has a fantasy game, setting up a Dynamic Preloads campaign to take advantage of the launch window of e.g.  a Harry Potter special edition phone would be strategic. This approach allows developers to increase the likelihood of targeting their desired users, namely those with a predisposition to fantasy themes. And by focussing on gamers that are predisposed to this genre, it will make them much more likely to download and engage with the app. This then enhances user acquisition efficiency, and increases the chances of the game resonating with users.

Factory Preloads Still Have a Place

While Dynamic Preloads present many benefits for user acquisition, factory preloads still offer some developers certain other benefits. In the example above, developers could also choose to have their app preinstalled on those special edition Harry Potter phones. This means their fantasy game would be present in every single device. Since special edition phones usually come with an array of custom software, apps, and games, users of these phones are more inclined to try out these pre installed bundles, presenting developers with another means of gaining visibility and users.


How to Get Started with Dynamic Preloads

So now that you understand what Dynamic Preloads are and how effective they can be, you probably want to try them out too. But how? And with which mobile OEM should you go with? Enter AVOW.


AVOW works with all the major mobile OEMs in the world, and has access to exclusive Dynamic Preloads inventory to get your game into the hands of over 1.5 billion daily active users. 



Today, AVOW generates in excess of 10 million monthly installs for over 100 active clients, many of which have benefitted from the unique opportunity to get in early on this major user acquisition trend. To put this in perspective, six of the top 10 game publishers in the world now work with AVOW for their mobile user acquisition needs.


Mobile Gaming in Asia

With its diverse and expansive consumer base, Asia has become the epicentre of the mobile gaming revolution. The region’s vibrant digital culture, technological advancements, and increasing accessibility to smartphones have fuelled a surge in mobile gaming, making it a hotspot for innovation and growth in the gaming industry. Moreover, the proliferation of mobile gaming is simultaneously reshaping entertainment landscapes as well as driving significant economic value and user engagement across diverse demographic segments.

Source: Statista, Counterpoint Research

A Closer Look at Southeast Asia

Source: Think with Google


According to Niko Partners, Southeast Asia will continue to grow and be a top performer for mobile gaming well into this decade, making the region one not to be ignored.


Mobile Gaming in EMEA

Asia is not the only large gaming region, with EMEA also pulling its weight in this sector.  By revenue, Europe is the third largest mobile gaming market.

As a developer, you should know what is important to mobile gamers in EMEA, such as…

Source: Think with Google


Looking ahead with the European Digital Markets Act coming into full force in 2024, mobile gaming growth and revenues are only set to increase. The increased availability and viability of alternative app stores and mobile OEM offerings will be a boon for mobile game and app publishers in the region.


Mobile Gaming Insights

Ever wondered how mobile gamers discover games, their attitudes towards in-game ads or why they interact with with in-game ads? We have curated this and other relevant data for mobile game developers to understand just what makes mobile games and mobile advertising tick for gamers.


In-app Purchases and Mobile Gaming

Looking to monetize your game through in-app purchases (IAP)? Here are some key statistics to help you understand who spends money on IAPs and for what reason.


East vs West: Games and Gaming Culture

These distinctive approaches and preferences in mobile gaming elements reflect the diverse cultural, aesthetic, and experiential landscapes between Asia’s and the West’s respective gaming markets. The differences in the perception of art style, storytelling preferences, control input comfort, and gameplay and monetization strategies underscore the varied expectations and desires of gamers across these regions. Understanding and appreciating these nuances is crucial for mobile game developers and designers in creating games that resonate with a plurality of gaming audiences, thereby fostering inclusivity and enhancing gaming experiences for all.

As the mobile gaming industry evolves, it is imperative that developers and publishers evolve their offerings with it. And this stands true for their mobile marketing efforts as well.



AVOW has been at the forefront of mobile OEM marketing and advertising since its inception in 2018. With partnerships with major mobile OEMs and MMPs around the world, and having been recognised by these OEMs thorough a plethora of awards and exclusive partnerships, AVOW has the proven track record and industry recognition to make Dynamic Preloads and other means of mobile UA a success for anyone.


Beyond mobile OEMs, AVOW has repeatedly been in the top rankings of the AppsFlyer Performance Index, a testament to both the quality and consistency of AVOW’s success.


Whether it is a mobile OEM or an MMP like AppsFlyer, AVOW has and will continue to have strong relationships with all of them as we continue to empower each other and drive success. We are grateful for the recognition and look to continue our status as a trusted company for both our partners and our clients in the years ahead.

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