Learn how mobile marketers can scale their apps while working with major mobile OEMs such as HUAWEI, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, and Samsung – through AVOW’s access to Mobile OEM premium inventory and dynamic preload offerings along with Adjust’s preload solutions.

Deep dive into how mobile apps can create high-value users using various acquisition strategies such as dynamic preloads to fuel their mobile marketing mix with Mobile OEMs and to enable revenue and growth for their brands.

The last thing an advertiser wants is to haggle with fraud. Most of the traffic provided by mobile OEMs is relatively brand-safe and fraud-free since the advertisers are bidding directly on the device”Ashwin Shekhar

Key takeaway 

By default, mobile OEMs need to be a part of every mobile marketer’s marketing mix. They need a single source of truth when choosing their advertising agency partner that has exclusive or at least official partnerships with major global OEMs. 

Speak to our CRO, Ashwin Shekhar, and his team to learn more about dynamic preloads and user acquisition with mobile OEMs.