“Conversations with the People Making the Smartest Moves in Mobile”


Behind the Apps: Mobile Marketing Talks is a forthcoming video interview series by AVOW that will offer an exclusive peek behind the curtains of the mobile marketing and app world. Hosted by David Murphy, each episode will feature discussions with industry innovators and leaders, sharing their experiences, strategies, triumphs, and challenges in marketing their apps.


Meet the Behind the Apps Host: David Murphy

David Murphy, based in London, is an accomplished freelance writer, mobile ad tech expert and founder of Mobile Marketing Magazine – where he served as its editor for over 18 years. Additionally, he co-founded Masterclassing.com to foster knowledge exchange among digital marketers. His vast experience makes him the perfect guide for our conversations on ‘Behind the Apps: Mobile Marketing Talks.’


Our Vision for Behind the Apps

Our goal with Behind the Apps: Mobile Marketing Talks is to shine a light on the people behind the apps – their successes, their unique insights, and their contributions. Our hope is that by sharing these stories, we can all learn from each other and together drive progress in our exciting field of mobile marketing.


Stay Tuned for the Debut Episode of Behind the Apps

So whether you’re a seasoned marketer, a skilled developer, or simply someone with a keen interest in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile technology, Behind the Apps promises to provide a wealth of valuable insights. From expert strategies to innovative approaches, we’ll explore the diverse facets of mobile marketing that drive success in today’s dynamic digital world.

Join us for the first episode, coming very soon to AVOW, as we uncover the secrets of mobile marketing and delve into what truly lies behind the apps.


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