Welcome to the AVOWxChatGPT series, where we encapsulate one for the core values of AVOW, that of people powered technology. In this series, we aim to take technology and mold it together with our expertise to our advantage, just as we do every single day here at AVOW for our clients.


The mobile gaming industry is massive, with 2023 revenues expected to reach US$286.50 billion. To put that into perspective, both the global box office and music streaming industry revenues are only a tenth of the size of mobile gaming revenues. As such, developers all around the world are trying very hard to break into this lucrative industry. But what do prominent journalists and gaming influencers have to say about mobile gaming? Well we asked ChatGPT for some answers, and here is what we found.


Dean Takahashi – Lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. 


“It’s not just about making games anymore. It’s about creating experiences that are enhanced by the portability and versatility of mobile devices.”


Rebekah Valentine – A journalist with IGN known for her extensive writing on mobile games and the broader industry. 


 “Every time I dive into a new mobile title, I’m reminded of the boundless creativity and potential of this platform.”


Jeff Gerstmann – Former co-founder of Giant Bomb, a website that often covers mobile games. 


“The future of gaming isn’t necessarily in a big box beneath your TV. It’s as much about the device in your pocket as anything else.”


Mark Gurman – A reporter for Bloomberg known for breaking stories on the tech industry, including mobile gaming. 


“The mobile gaming industry is evolving at an incredible speed. It’s hard to keep up, but undeniably exciting to be a part of.”


John Walker – Founder of the gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun and writer for many other publications. 


“Mobile gaming is finally becoming as diverse and intricate as any other form of gaming. It’s an exciting time to be involved.”


Jessica Conditt – A Senior Editor at Engadget, often touching upon mobile gaming advancements and trends. 


“In the realm of mobile gaming, technological advancement and creativity walk hand in hand.”


DrDisrespect (Herschel Beahm IV) – A popular streamer who also delves into mobile games. 


“Don’t underestimate mobile gaming. The level of depth and competitiveness can rival traditional platforms.”


PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) – One of the most subscribed YouTubers who often covers games, including mobile ones.


 “The beauty of mobile gaming is its accessibility. Anyone can play, anytime, anywhere.”


Mortal (Naman Mathur) – A popular Indian streamer and professional PUBG Mobile player. 


“Mobile gaming has bridged gaps. It’s more than games; it’s about community and connectedness.”


Mobile gaming may be big, but it feels like we are only scratching the surface of its massive potential. With the advancements of technology, proliferation of mobile devices, and more ways to monetise those games, mobile gaming still has much room to grow. As developers seek new ways to grow and reach new users, there has never been as good a time as now for gaming developers to add mobile OEMs and alternative app stores to their marketing mix. Let AVOW help you reach your gaming growth goals by contacting us today. 


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