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What is AVOW’s core business?

We are an app growth marketing company specializing in OEM on-device user acquisition and advertising across alternative app stores. OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are companies that manufacture their own phones that are equipped with their own OEM apps – for example, Samsung and Xiaomi. We help app marketers reach targeted users and get their apps discovered through our direct partnerships with top OEMs.

We chose the name AVOW because it symbolizes our commitment to our clients and the service we provide. By definition, AVOW means “to affirm or commit to something openly and bluntly”. This is at the heart of our company philosophy, a value that is represented by the fully transparent and dedicated way our team operates.

What makes AVOW unique?

AVOW is a pioneer in OEM on-device advertising with a one-off inventory blend. We provide unique access to untapped user audiences that cannot be acquired through social, search, or SDK networks. This empowers clients with the ability to get ahead in a competitive market.

To understand the unique value of AVOW’s capabilities, it is important to know how the market is changing. OEMs are truly challenging Google and Facebook with a variety of advertising opportunities and their own App Store offerings. Google Play has received serious competition and is no longer the default App Store worldwide.

Each OEM has different requirements on how to buy media, which makes it time-consuming for advertisers to understand and execute the individual offerings and make it scale. We help our clients throughout this process with a consultative approach. We want to ensure our clients get the best service and advice for each market of interest and the best usage of their advertising spend. AVOW’s services range from managing apps on OEMs App Stores, booking of performance campaigns to pre-install and branding campaigns.

AVOW is a proud team of seasoned mobile marketing experts. The Founder team has been part of the mobile marketing industry for more than 10 years, working across multiple territories and verticals. This means we have worked with many mobile experts around the world, helping to launch small apps and businesses and scale them to become huge global successes.

How did you develop your business idea and when was your company established?

The founding team has known and worked with each other for the last 12 years. With the mobile industry’s ever-changing nature, we knew there were opportunities to improve the ecosystem and efficiently help companies reach their goals. More specifically, we knew there were ways to tackle inefficiencies that come once companies reach a certain size. For example, improving workflows and processes, and identifying untapped opportunities. With this in mind, our seasoned and knowledgeable team is devoted to offering the best possible sales and services to cl­­­ients in the performance marketing industry.

The company was first established in March 2018 and reached profitability after the second year in business.

Global operations

In which countries are you active? 

Our main regions of focus are India, South East Asia, Europe, and LATAM. We have built our dedicated team around those markets: For each region, we have someone local who not only speaks the language but also understands the unique opportunities and challenges of their market.

Are you planning to expand your venture to other countries?

We started our international physical footprint in mid-2019 when we hired our Country Manager for India (based in Bangalore). Since then, we have opened remote offices in Jakarta,  Indonesia, and Moscow,  Russia.

AVOW’s offering is two-sided: For advertisers, we drive services such as user acquisition. For inventory owners like OEMs and bigger publishers, we represent their inventory and act as resellers and a partner. Since everything starts with the availability of inventory, our focus is on the strong geos from our supply partners.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

We want to establish OEM inventory as much more than a niche alternative to Facebook and Google. We believe it should be found on any marketer’s media plan by default. AVOW as an agency should be perceived as the go-to partner for all OEM-related questions. For example, we can assist clients with how to get their app on a respective App store, how to run performance, branding, and pre-install campaigns.

The AVOW team

AVOW's team

How many employees currently work at your company? Are you planning to expand?

We currently have 20 employees from 16 different nationalities. Our growth has been granular and targeted to recruit the most knowledgeable and dedicated experts for our team. The average employee age at AVOW is 30 years old.

What kind of attributes do new employees need in order to work at your company? 

It is crucial for us to select and bring people into the team who share the same passion and values of our culture. In addition to their expertise in mobile marketing, we actively seek out employees who are hands-on, highly skilled at problem-solving, a proactive mindset, and have a passion for providing excellent service to our clients.

How is your recruitment process structured?

We have three stages in the recruitment process: First, potential candidates will be invited to a screening call, and then a personal interview (this is currently a video call due to the COVID-19 pandemic) with a manager and recruiter. These are useful introductions that allow us to get to know applicants better, introduce the requirements of the role available, and explain our company values. Successful applicants are then invited to a second interview (also currently held via video call) which includes an analytical assessment or presentation with a manager and a teammate.

Why is AVOW a desirable place of work? What employee benefits do you offer?

At AVOW, we have replaced classical management hierarchies, opting to distribute authority and responsibility among our colleagues instead. This creates a more open working environment built on trust and dedication. We foster a unique company culture championing self-empowerment, direct communication, and mutual support. We are also proud to encourage diversity and inclusion in our team and actively look to welcome people from different backgrounds and genders to make our culture even more rich and diverse.

All AVOW employees are offered a competitive salary, a personal development plan, and flexible working hours that can be spent in the office or working from home. We offer a workplace in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin, and employees are also rewarded with benefits such as personalized achievement perks and free language lessons.

AVOW's team

What have you learned as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

In March 2020, our CEO and CoFounder Robert Wildner caught COVID-19 and was homebound for more than three weeks – so we knew the severity of the virus from the very beginning of the first wave. Since then, we have been clear and proactive about our home office policy throughout the pandemic. We immediately offered home office to our employees and ensured everyone could comfortably operate from their homes. We also offered interchangeable workdays from the office, where only a limited number of employees could be in the office at one time. However, interchangeable workdays are currently paused and everyone is expected to work from home.

Throughout the pandemic, we learned that our team is fully capable of working efficiently from home. Everyone has done an incredible job during a period that required a swift transition into new processes. We have regular stand-up meetings in the morning followed by a quick meet-up in the evening.

The biggest lesson we have learned is that home office is an efficient alternative to a traditional office setup. The key to success has been investments in the right equipment and a communal effort to support each other as much as possible. This is why, post-pandemic, we will continue to offer home office days to our team.

AVOW’s office

What can you tell us about the AVOW office?

We have a beautiful 300qm open space office close to the Maybach Ufer in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

This includes a spacious work area, a gaming corner where employees can relax, two meeting rooms, an eating area, and a kitchen. Our space was designed by Berlin-based architect, Ypatia Lekka. Since working with Ypatia, we have continued to add to what the office has to offer. We are always looking for eye-catching interior or fun gadgets that make the office a great place to spend your day.


AVOW office