Meet the A-Team: Roy Wijaya, Business Development Manager SEA

For our latest addition to  our blog series that gives a glimpse into what it’s like to work at AVOW, we are joined by Roy Wijaya, Business Development Manager SEA. Roy joined AVOW at the end of 2020 and is responsible for the development of our Market in SEA, helping our clients expand their reach and unlock new revenue streams. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your role and your journey with the A-Team?

I started working with AVOW in November 2020 as business development manager for the South East Asia (SEA) Region. I was the first person to tackle this market and cover every single activity that AVOW did in the region, from selling our solutions to new clients, assisting marketing activities to facing clients.

What are your favorite day-to-day tasks at AVOW?

I love everything that I do during my day-to-day activities with AVOW, but my most favorite part of the job is sales. I love to give our clients the solution they need to get results, rather than just selling a product. It makes me incredibly happy when I’m able to provide solutions and grow together with clients.

Are there any cultural aspects UA managers and app developers should keep in mind when launching their app in SEA?

In my opinion localization is the most important area of focus for all UA managers and app developers. You have to localize the content in your app and your communication strategy should also use the local language and culture to attract more people to download their app.


What are some success stories from SEA clients and OEMs can you share?

There’s definitely a lot of challenges in SEA when it comes to introducing OEMs. Most of the advertisers in SEA are still solely focused on the play store environment and advertisers will only associate OEMs with pre-installs. AVOW came to the market as a one-stop solution for OEMs. We have proven that our solution provides fraud free installs and brings high economic value for the clients. One of our success stories is with Kredivo, who didn’t really believe in the OEMs after they had a bad experience managing the OEM campaigns in the past. AVOW successfully managed their OEM campaign with good scale and quality, and nowadays we are their exclusive partner for their OEM campaigns.

If you could give one advice for potential clients starting in the SEA market, what would it be?

It is important to have an open mind about new approaches and start exploring new channels – especially when it comes to untapped inventories such as OEMs. 

AVOW has partnered with OEMs across the globe and covers 42% of the global Android market. This enables you to increase your reach and benefit from new revenue streams. If you would like to learn more about how Avow can help you leverage OEM marketing by reaching untapped audiences, get in touch with our team.